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Time for another Update (12-30-13)     I am not still a virgin,   I didn't
Hetero Male Submissive, 24,  Burlington, Vermont












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Time for another Update (12-30-13)



I am not still a virgin,


I didn't want to recreate a profile,

felt kind of fake



Hello, thank you for taking the time to view my profile.

Ever since I was a little kid (13 or so) I had dreams about being submissive.  The earliest I can remember is a CFNM fantasy I had.  I had my back leaning against a swingset leg with my arms wrapped around leaving my chest puffed out.  I fantasized that a woman had me tied there, I was naked and she was in a sexy outfit.  She would caress my body, check me out, and sometimes giggle. 

Fantasies started to evolve from there.  One dream I was tied up in the women's locker room, they would tease me and use me as they felt.

Then the inevitable, I started having dreams that I was a woman.  Being raped, being tied up in the boys locker room.

By the time college hit, I had found a couple of porn websites that fed my fetish and pushed it to depths I don't think I could have taken it.

Sadly, I'm starting to think this will only remain a fantasy.  I have a great vanilla girlfriend.  I highly doubt she would be into this, and her personality shows zero hints to her being the mistress I seek.

I would still like to get to know others on here, and maybe even find the mistress I seek.  I can't be devoted to anybody, but if anybody would like to play online, I could do that.




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