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New to here, just checking it out and looking to see what I can find here. I am new to this si
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New to here, just checking it out and looking to see what I can find here. I am new to this site but not to D/s relationships, just that it's been a while and I'm not really sure which role works best for ne now so I guess you could say I could go either way depending.


Please men, don't bother. Just don't. I am only looking for women, and couples only if neither of them was born a male. You get the idea, I am a lesbian.


UPDATE: If you really want to know what sort of things I like, just ask for my Tumblr.  :)

Journal Entries:
4/14/2018 7:19:43 AM
OK, no real news for now but I might be moving to AZ sometime soon. Ask me for details!

3/22/2018 8:19:30 AM
LOL - I just checked my Bulk Mail, which is where all mail from men goes. Just for fun, before deleting it all I hovered over a few and they all seem to want to send me money as long as I could put up with their whimpering offers of abject subservience, which would be wholly uninteresting to me.

But I could actually use the money. Should I take them for all I can, and then go bathe my psyche in carbolic soap?

3/8/2018 6:37:35 AM
To answer a common question, that's not a photo of me, just something that I enjoy.

If you ask me nicely and are not in possession of a human penis, I'll warm up to sharing my actual photo with you.

2/1/2018 11:32:09 AM
I keep reading about the feeling you get when you are in "subspace," but I have yet to actually experience it as far as I know.

1/18/2018 8:33:01 AM
If one of the first things you tell me you want to do with me is lick my butthole, (a) no, (b) EWW!, (c) there will never be enough mouthwash in the world to make me want to kiss you ever again after that.

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