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First let me say what I'm not looking for. I'm not looking for kinky sex or roleplaying. I'm a
Male Slave, 48,  Nowhere, Oklahoma


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BisexualFemale Dominant
Age: 22, Height: 5ft 9in (175 cm), Weight: 132 lbs.
Location: LUGANO, Switzerland
Last on 10/30/13 at 8:41 AM
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BisexualFemale Dominant
Age: 27, Height: 5ft 6in (168 cm), Weight: 132 lbs.
Location: Bologna, Italia
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First let me say what I'm not looking for. I'm not looking for kinky sex or roleplaying. I'm also not looking to be your submissive boyfriend, friend, partner or equal to you on any level equivalent to what a human could expect. I'm also not looking for a situation that I will enjoy, or one that caters to my fetishes. I want slavery and the harsh cold realities of what that implies. I want to be stripped of all rights, comforts, pleasures and freedoms and thrown into a world of total debasement, humiliation, drudgery, torture, and suffering. I am not looking for safe, sane and consentual. I believe in the "Consent once rule". Once I agree to be your slave, that should be the last decision that I am ever allowed the privledge to make. You will have Carte Blanche over me and every aspect of my life and body. As you can probably tell by now, I am looking for 24/7/365 TPE slavery. I don't want a life; I just want to exsist as your slave. No time off, no hobbies or friends, nothing other than being your slave and doing only what you want me to do. I want all of my creature comforts taken away. Pleasure is for free people, not for slaves. Simple luxuries that people take for granted such as a warm bed, pillow, or blanket, tastey or enjoyable food and beverages, comfortable or non-humiliating clothing and shoes, music, tv, books, computers, even the pleasure of having sex should all be denied me. If you are familiar with the concepts of Internal Enslavement or the conditioning methods described in the now defunct TV Slave Institute website; then you might understand that I'm willing to be conditioned/brainwashed to the point that the fear of not being your slave and obeying you is much greater than the fear of anything that you might do to me. This would be an ideal and profitable situation for someone who owns or wants to run a paysite where I am kept in the dungeon and tortured live on the internet. You could probably even charge more for members to choose what is done to me. This would also be ideal for someone who owns a ranch or farm or even a business where I could be forced to labor for up to 20 hours a day. This might even appeal to severe sadists who don't want to be encumbered by a persons limits. After all, a slave should be of benefit to its owner(s). Slaves should also be of little to no cost to their owners and believe it or not, this can actually be accomplished. Go to your local grocery store and speak to the manager of the produce department. Tell him you have a pot-bellied pig, and you want to know if he can set aside his spoilage (spoilage....not spoiled food...a sick or dead slave is of no use to anyone)�for you. Chances are real good that he will give you all the foodstuffs that your slave would ever require. Just feed it to him as is, by dumping it into his bucket or bowl; or mix it in a blender to make it even more undesireable for your slave to have to eat. It might be unappealing and unappetizing to you, but hey why spend your good money on a slave when you can spend it on yourself? This would be the ultimate dichotomous relationship. You get everything you want out of it while I get nothing. You want for nothing while I am always kept wanting. You sleep in a nice warm bed and enjoy fine food while I remain cold and hungry. You relax and enjoy life while I toil away in total drudgery. You can have sex and orgasm whenever you desire while I am kept in perpetual sexual frustration and agony. We live at the opposite ends of the spectrum in every possible way; your yin to my yang. I envision myself living the life of Cinderella without the happy ending. My life should revolve around you and doing everything possible to make your life better and easier regardless of whether I enjoy it or not. That being said, I will admit that there are things that I am currently unwilling or unable to do. If you are the owner(s) I seek, then I am sure you can compell me to do them. As I am not a masochist pain can be a great motivator for you to utilize. As for who I am, well I'm an intelligent, funny and decent person who just happens to have a deep rooted need to be a slave. However, none of that should be important to you, as I will be nothing other than your slave when all is said and done.
Ideal Person: A dominant sadistic woman, lesbian couple, femdom group or company who wants a slave in the truest sense of the word. She/they must be mentally capable of dealing with a slave on this level and have no regard, concern or feelings for me whatsoever. Even though I want 24/7 doesn't mean you have to be on 24/7. Just lock me away out of sight out of mind when my services are not required and give no thoughts at all to me at those times when you need your own space or time. After all a slave is property, and that is what one usually does with its property when they are not using it, they just put it away in its proper place.

Journal Entries:
8/23/2012 6:16:47 AM

As technology has increased over the past few years...I have often wondered if it could be used to control a slave remotely. I started looking for ways that one could really be a slave online or at a distance and not just role-play at it. And I must say...I think it can be done.


Using remote access programs such as Teamviewer can allow the Owner to take over the admin account on the slaves computer. Once this is done there are a lot more things that can be installed or done to further take control of the slave. The owner can then install programs such as parental controls like Bluedog to limit what the slave can do on their computer as well as when. Installing programs such as PC Pandora to watch and track everything the slave can do on the computer...including it being able to take webcam images can do a lot to get into the details of the slaves life.


Speaking of webcams...there are now some on the market that are controllable via the internet and can also be used as surveillance/security cameras. Set up correctly the slave would never have any privacy and the Owner could visually verify that the slave is following orders given.


And if the slave has a smartphone...there are program that allow an Owner to monitor and control the slave's phone. With the tracking software on these programs (such as MobileSpy and Phone Sherrif) there is no escape for the slave. The Owner can ensure that the slave is where he is supposed to be at all times with GPS tracking ; and can disable any app they do not want the slave to use. You can also monitor and track the slave's spending with other phone apps such as and others.


There are things like Verizon Home Control and other systems that would allow the Owner to control the slave's appliances, lights, locks, and thermostat; so the Owner can even control the slave's comfort and activites.


There are also a couple of great devices from a company called Dreamlover is a "training" device called the DL2000 that attaches to a chastity device that can be used to take control over the slave's genitals; and a second device is the Chrono-Vault that would enable the Owner to deny the slave access to any keys for as long as the Owner decides.


Additional programs such as Fond of Writing and Grounded can be used to keep the slave occupied for as long as the Owner wants. Fond of Writing makes the slave have to complete typing tasks; and Grounded just gives the slave a grey screen and the occasional pop-up that the slave must click on. Failures or mistakes can result in punishment from the DL2000, longer time with the keys locked up in the Chrono-vault; or even denial of computer rights for a certain time frame.


As things progress; there is also the possibility of restricting the slave's access to it's own cash (perhaps only the Owner now has access to it?) and the slave is only allowed an allowance and needs permission to spend any money. If this is the case, the Owner could also use the slave's funds to pay for it's groceries and clothing....thus controlling what the slave has to eat and wear...again the webcams ensuring that the slave has to obey.


The Owner would then be able to control all of the slave's free time (not work) and everything that it does and can do.


If done correctly this would make the slave truly owned even at a distance. Granted there is always much more that could be done, and it would take somebody with decent computer skills to set it all up; but it creates an opportunity for those who otherwise might not get to experience either side of this lifestyle.

3/7/2010 4:14:54 AM
Yes, I am fat. That just means my owner(s) should be more strict with my diet.

3/6/2010 5:44:20 PM
Here is a short story I wrote a while back. I hope you enjoy it.


Okay, I have a confession to make. I'm an addict. No, not to any
drug or substance. I'm addicted to my Mistress and to serving her. How
did I come to be like this? Well, it's quite simple really. So sit back
and let me tell you my story.

As everyone who knows me knows; I've always been submissive. I had
desires and needs to be controlled and helpless at the hands of a woman
as far back as I can remember. But it was only fairly recently that I
finally came to the realization that what I truly wanted and needed, was
to be a slave to a dominant woman. No, not just for play or kinky sex or
occasionally; but a real slave. I wanted to be owned by a woman who
would use me and abuse me as she saw fit.; a woman who wanted total and
utter control. But where would I find a woman who wanted the same thing
as me but from the opposite perspective?

I found her on the internet of all places. Wonderful little
invention that. Otherwise both her and my dreams might not have ever
come to pass. We began talking to each other about what the other one
wanted and expected out of this kind of relationship; and to our
astonishment, we both wanted and were looking for the same thing. We
talked for over a year and decided to make ours dreams reality.

We decided that I would go out there for a breaking-in and trial
period for three weeks. I agreed to give her Carte Blanche to do
whatever it took to break me and make me into her slave during that
period. Mistress knew all the methods and techniques necessary to do
just that. Her goal was to completely de-humanize me and mold me into
her perfect slave. She set out to break my body and spirit but not my
mind; after all, what good would a mindless slave be? No, she wanted to
take away my spirit and independence, but not my individuality. It was
my individuality that made me submissive to begin with. She brought that
to the forefront and expanded and developed my need to submit while
carefully suppressing or eliminating all other aspects of my
personality. Of course the brainwashing helped; she was doing exactly as
she said she would, turning me into a cult of one.

During this time she took away every right, freedom, and pleasure
that a person could expect or demand. After all, I was a slave now and
not a person; those entitlements were gone to me forever. My life was to
be one of drudgery and servitude. You know, just like Cinderella? All
pleasures were to be denied me. I was to have no radio or television to
distract me from my service. Gone were the days of enjoying meals. Food
was only there to keep me healthy, not for my pleasure. Mistress kept it
as cheap and unappetizing as possible by feeding me nothing but her own
special slave gruel. Gone were the days of freedom and relaxation. If I
wasn't at work at my job I was kept busy serving my Mistress in many and
various ways. Gone were the days of enjoying sex. I was fitted with a
chastity and will probably never enjoy the pleasure of another orgasm as
long as I live. If Mistress does ever allow me to, i'm sure she will
make it as unpleasant an experience for me as possible. This isn't to
say that I don't get any sex. No, Mistress uses me for sex quite
frequently. It's just that the goal is her satisfaction and pleasure and
not mine. I think it turns her on even more knowing how frustrated I am.
Gone are the days of a comfortable bed or warm room and blankets. Don't
think to harshly of my Mistress; she does care enough about be to keep
me healthy and fit. What good is a slave that can't perform his duties
or be of use? She wants me fit, just miserable. A slave is not a person
any more and should not expect to live like one.

Don't get me wrong, I very much enjoy serving my Mistress in any
and every way, especially sexually. Being her slave is the only pleasure
I have left. She was concerned with how I would handle the transition
from the intensity of this breaking-in period to the mundane life that
existed afterwards. I don't think she needed to be concerned. I was
programmed and conditioned to serve her in whatever way or capacity she
required. Day to day life is and always will be about serving and
pleasing her. That is my only goal and ambition.
Mistress was everything I wanted and hoped for. In fact, she is
beyond my wildest dreams. She has given me what I wanted and needed in
exchange for giving her what she wanted and needed. As time goes on,
Mistress continues to find more uses for me and pushes me further and
further into slavehood. She has made my life just as she said she
would...a mixture of heaven and hell. She took the seed of my
submissiveness and nurtured it into a full fledged obsession to be
nothing but her slave. As I said before, I'm addicted to my Mistress and
to serving her. And you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way.

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