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*slightly revised profile - December 23, 2017*   Control Freak looking for someone to take m
Female Slave, 26,  Danville, Kentucky


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*slightly revised profile - December 23, 2017*


Control Freak looking for someone to take me over (please see my long journal entry).


i am young, i admit, but i have several months of experience as a slave and several years of on and off preparation and more than a little conditioning.


i am into restraint and degredation. i really love breathplay and smothering/choking...


believe it or not, i am at my core very shy...but i am verrry into sexual degredation and humiliation...i am into identity modification and/or erasure


i have had some experience being beaten and short of facial scars i am really learning to like it.


i do not think i am ready to relocate outside the U.S. i am sorry, i know being a slave in another country could be intense, but i am just not there yet, i mean the Master would have to be perfect for me to even think about it.


there is something inside that makes me clostrophobic if i am terrifies me...more than anything...but i get off on being terrified (sick, i know)


eye contract restrictions, furniture restrictions, degredation.  i spent a month with a couple who treated me like a whipping dog...i cried a lot ...and i miss it now.  i can't explain what it is like not being allowed to look at people, not being allowed to stand, not being allowed to wear clothes, not being allowed to think without cumming.  for three days i thought i was crazy, for another few i thought i needed to leave but couldn't...


then i was just there


i want to be just there again.  i am hyperkenetic (which means that i have a ton of energy and sometimes can't shut up unless someone tell me to), insecure, and a little damaged, but i do know what i am looking for (slavery) and i am hoping to find it here again. (please read my journal about this...)


please be into relyfe programming.  please be into real bondage not just using little scarfs or something like that, and please enjoy the idea of caging me.  i am not into real dolcett...i want to live...not not in the way that most people think of living being...the idea of forced body


oh, one more thing please, no more children. please do not ask me to seduce anyone's kids...i just can't ok


please send me any questions you may have.  i do not think that i will pick up and move in two days again, but i will drive to meet the right people and i will not ask you to pay for my travel, i can pay for my own.  if you are cross-country and can come to kentucky for the first meeting, that would be good.  if you are within a state or two, i am willing to meet you if you may be right.


i have more free time right now than i have had and my computer is working again, so i can hopefully answer emails better.  they were hard to keep up with then.



Journal Entries:
1/9/2018 7:49:33 AM
It's okay to be abusive in early email, i would rather communicate with the persona you would present when im helpless from the beginning than try to draw Him out of you. i like to flirt, but that's not really what im here for on CS 😃

12/19/2017 7:37:56 PM
Seriously, NO KIDS in any play, i want to be hurt, i want to be controlled and even destroyed and imprisoned by someone sadistic, but i don't want to help take away some little girl's choices, i do not want to become a federal prisoner for the next bazillion years. NO kids!! Geeze!

12/17/2017 9:46:42 AM
Updated several pictures yesterday, left 3 from when I first put my profile up. The rest are new. I am going to add or change more today.

9/7/2011 6:43:33 AM

Hi i have caught a lot of criticism just this last week because i haven't had a clear picture of my face and body (without my beloved subglasses) i took one and put it up just now.

i hop this one is ok  i don't really take good pictures and..yes, i have been reluctant to put one up that was clear...for several reasons..but the people emailing me are right and its only fair that people see who they are dealing with.

Oh...and i know it looks like it from all of my pictures...but i really don't have a stupid grin on my face all of the time...something in me just slaps it on my face when a camera is pointed at me...even if i am the one pointing it, i took six of these and i this one really was the only one that didn't make me look completely nuts


8/7/2011 2:37:23 PM

...ok, yes, everyone has figured it out...i do have a black eye under the sunglasses in the June '10 picture...kudos to the three emails i got about it today :-(

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