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Totality is the ultimate goal, totality is the maxim. The paths to it may vary, some can even
Male Dominant, 31,  Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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GayMale Slave
Age: 20, Height: 5ft 9in (175 cm), Weight: 130 lbs.
Location: ontario, Canada
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 Dominant Male

 Toronto, Ontario 


 5' 9"

 160 lbs





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Totality is the ultimate goal, totality is the maxim. The paths to it may vary, some can even flex, but merely means to an end.


What I'm here for is simple: I, a single extreme dominant sadist and a photographer, with a husky body to kill for and living in Toronto (aka Imitation New York), uninterested in love or marriage, am hunting for women of any age, and men under 25, to either own as my property, to by playmates for me to dominate and have coffee afterwards or vice versa, or casual encounters. Don't let my manners when we first meet deceive you. I can a vicious sadist with no limits seeking a slave to own as my human pet. To be used, abused, tortured, tormented, humiliated, ridiculed, degraded, dehumanized and of course shared or whored out is only a portion of what's in store. My list is extensive as I have no limits, even though it would be a waste (and illegal and immoral) to dispatch my pets/property; I'd prefer to sell them off, which would only happen to men in my care. It is to be a life of pleasure.


I don't care for race, religion, ethnic background, etc. As long as your pretty, pretty submissive, pretty masochistic, and pretty willing.




Slavery is permanent, without limits or a way out. 24/7 TPE with no limits, restrictions, or love. Women of course must have at least ... natural talents. Intelligence is no concern to me, but I do appreciate a girl of high intelligence, especially if she's a switch. Gives me someone to talk to at least.


Few meager ground rules:

1) Have a profile photo that has your face;

2) Have some of proof that you're real;

3) Have some semblance of decent grammar and spelling; not that your intelligence matters, it's so that I can understand you proper;

4) Take care of your body and put emphasis on your looks;




But it's not just slaves I hunt for. Playmates and NSAs are on my list, and they, of course, are a different course. Always seeking to forge new friendships and create confidants, be them dominants or submissives or switches. Only their limits I respect. Masochists make the best slaves, and those with no limits, despite any that I have, are what I'm ultimately seeking.


A huge plus to me would be if you were a goth, punk, alternative girl. Not into BBW, not into trans (though female CDs I don't mind), and no boys fat, hairy, over 25. Sorry.


All photos taken by me and only me.

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