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I have finally figured out exactly what it is that I am looking to find on this site. I am loo
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I have finally figured out exactly what it is that I am looking to find on this site. I am looking for a WOMAN to sub for. She can also be part of a couple. If you're switch or sub that's fine as long as you can be Domme to me most times, I don't switch :) . If we like each other then we can figure out the next steps from there. I am open to ladies for both play and ongoing service, possibly long term in the future. I'd prefer an attractive Domme, I'm not too picky but like thin and taller  I have a few fetish interests that are kind of my main focus as for what I'd like to experience in a D/s scenario: Chastity is one more recent one. I like being teased and this seems like a good next step. I do have some actual experience with it and have been locked both with plastic and metal locks for a few weeks as my longest. I currently have a ice and secure fitting steel chastity device. Strap-on/pegging,  I'd love to bend over for you regularly and I have some experience in ass play but never quite gone all the way with it. I do own a large dildo and some various sizes of butt plugs. Other than that basic bondage and cuffs are always awesome ;)  but I am very open to trying new things and pushing limits. == Results from == 97% Submissive 97% Rope bunny 81% Degradee 80% Experimentalist 79% Slave 78% Exhibitionist 69% Voyeur 67% Masochist 67% Non-monogamist 48% Brat 36% Ageplayer 36% Girl/Boy 34% Pet 29% Switch 28% Primal (Prey) 28% Vanilla 16% Rigger 9% Dominant 8% Sadist 6% Degrader 5% Master/Mistress 5% Owner 5% Daddy/Mommy 5% Brat tamer 3% Primal (Hunter) 

Journal Entries:
9/6/2017 10:32:54 AM
Just put on my new chastity cage for a trial run. So far it's scary comfortable... :/

7/24/2017 8:38:43 PM
Just got a new toy. It is big that's for sure.

6/15/2017 9:45:04 PM
When you're playing pool at the bar and you go to shoot and a woman pokes your asshole and you have to pretend not to like it in front of your vanilla friends... :/

5/27/2017 6:24:32 PM
My area is so devoid of attractive Dominant women. All I want is a hot girl to make me her bitch in person but it seems a lot to ask :(

3/29/2017 7:55:28 PM
So many spam messages and friend requests recently. Step up your security game CS, seriously.

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