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Queen of pain, heal me with your broken arrow...   Chaser of tail, licker of boot, snif
Male Submissive, 37,  Ontario, Canada










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 Submissive Male



 5' 8"

 135 lbs





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Dominant Female

Online Romance

Queen of pain, heal me with your broken arrow...


Chaser of tail, licker of boot, sniffer of ass...

A pet to be used and abused by a stern Domme with little sympathy for the animal that whines for Her attention and grovels at Her feet....


Now that those introductions are out of the way, let me say this:


If you are a FinDomme, looking to prostitute Your services, do not message me.  Ever.  I'm not interested in the slightest.  You are a plague that has helped to completely destroy what used to be a great site for people in the lifestyle to meet, socialize, and potentially form meaningful relationships with one another.  I have absolutely zero respect for You  and have no idea why You think what You offer has any value when i could get exactly what You're offering -- including actual physical contact -- by visiting a prostitute or professional Dominatrix.  At least then i know that i'll actually be getting something of value for my money.


Simply put: Piss. The. Fuck. Off.


I have never paid for any pseudo-sexual services in my life and certainly have no desire to transfer any of my hard-earned cash to a total stranger -- and let's be real about this: we all know that it's a male, more often than not -- pan-handling for it like a beggar on the other side of the screen.


While i'm on the subject, i will not give You my personal e-mail.  I will not visit any external sites You link me to.  I will not download any files or personal pictures You send me (if i want to see porn i have the entire Internet to satisfy my desires and won't risk my computer security to do so).


If You're a FinDomme and are offended by this, i don't care.  You can try but, i'm telling You in advance, nothing will come of any attempt to contact me.  Move on.  I'm not the fleece You're looking for.



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