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Hetero Male Slave, 35,  Marietta, Georgia
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Last Online:


 Male Slave



 Willing to Relocate

 5' 11"

 180 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Switch Women

Dominant Transgender

Femdom Couples

Photo #2 is my idea of a dream owner!!

i'm beginning to realize that i am meant to be a cuckold, or at least humiliated a lot! i am a stupid slut!

NO Men, Gay or Straight!!

My text disappeared!

i am a lifelong submissive male seeking to serve The One. i have a true affinity for Older Women, but i am naturally submissive to ALL women.

i am a combat veteran, and have some scars but i am not disabled. i have a consulting business which offers me the opportunity for travel, AND the opportunity to relocate for She Who Must Be Obeyed. 

i wish everyone here a wonderful day and a fulfilling life!


I would like to be able to practice my Goddess Tribute Fast more often. During this time, i would subsist (and thrive!) solely on Her Golden Nectar, and the fluids i ingest while orally serving Her. i would humbly ask for the opportunity to be on this regimen for up to one week.


Perhaps this doesn't need to be said, but i enter into this life with no expectation of ever again using my penis for sexual intercourse, unless Mistress desires. i know that i am usually unworthy of that honor. Long term chastity is expected, and once owned, i would agree to removal of my testicles if She wishes.


i'm open to being turned into a sissy girl if She wishes, although i have little experience in that area now. I don't desire this, but I will obey!


i offer my mind, body and soul to be used by Her as Her playground. i will adore You and worship You with all my heart!

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Journal Entries:
4/5/2018 8:11:51 AM
I have reached new levels of submission by being fucked. Ms Leigh made me beg me to have Her fuck me, as She twisted my nipples. It took me a while to relax  as She worked 1, 2 and then 3 fingers into me. She taunted me about being a sissy wanting to have its ass fucked. I agreed, and then begged Her to take me. It was quite a strain getting it in. Then, as She continued pumping me, my mind went somewhere else. I didn't even realize right away when She stopped. After She withdrew, I felt empty and started to cry. She held me in Her arms as I cried and thanked Her over and over. I am a slut.

8/22/2017 12:26:58 PM
i went to visit Ms Sharon who wanted to dominate me. As soon as i got there, She made me strip and inspected to ensure that i was fully shaved (i was). Then i was put into bra and panties and girly sandals and had to walk to to the street to her mailbox and  retrieve  her mail. i hurried. Then i had to drive Her to a store wearing only the bra and panties only. i had to sit and wait while he went in (in all fairness, She asked if i wanted to go in with Her). 
Upon return, i had to massage Her feet and toes and lick them. Then She said She was hot. She stripped, and quickly stuffed Her sweaty panties in my mouth. i almost immediately got a hard on which popped up through my panties. When She saw that, She pulled me backwards with one hand and punched me in the balls with Her other fist. i doubled over and She pushed me to the ground and told me to lie flat. She then sat on my face with Her head facing my feet. My next task was analingus. She kept pushing Her ass cheeks down and urging me to get my tongue in deeper. Meanwhile, Her hands began kneading my still aching cock and balls. In spite of the pain, my thing was beginning to grow.
Suddenly She stopped, rose up a bit and re positioned Herself settled down on me after telling me to open my mouth real wide. i did, and as soon as She settled down on me, Her Golden Shower began flowing into my mouth. i had to swallow it all because She was so tight on me. After licking Her clean, as She instructed, She got up told me to get dressed and leave.
What a day!

3/12/2017 5:10:52 PM
i would like to share a very important day in my life:
i began serving Lady Ilsa while i was still in the Army, in Germany. i was discharged in Germany, but remained there with a civilian posting. As soon as i was discharged, Lady Ilsa instructed me to shave my entire body smooth and use a depilatory all over. i was instructed to wear panties and a bra to Her home the next day.
She stroked my newly smooth body, and it felt electric! She played with my nipple through the bra and said i needed  bigger tits. My nipples were hard! Then She began touching me through my panties. i was immediately rock hard, because it felt so good through the panties. She began to pay more attention to my penis, and i felt stirrings inside me.
"Please stop, Mistress" i said, because i knew that cumming without permission was a capital offense. She taunted me and laughed, and kept up. Soon, i was at the point of no return, and i shot inside my panties. i was horrified, scared and embarrassed. There was no enjoyment in my orgasm. i immediately began apologizing. i knew that such an infraction could be the end.
Lady Ilsa said very little. i remained kneeling before her in my cum soaked panties. Finally She directed me to make a pot of tea for Her, which i did quickly. Once it was brewed, i brought Her a cup, with sugar and lemon, as She liked  it. she drank the first cup quickly and asked for another.... then another. After 4 cups (i think), She asked if if i would like some. i said, "Thank You, Mistress, i would love some." Then She said that my panties were disgusting, and i should remove them and wipe myself clean. When i returned, She immediately inserted a vibrator into my ass and turned it on high. Then She had me lie down on my back and taped something to my little cock and balls. I'll never forget Her next words, "Tea time sissy", and She lowered Herself onto my face, and directed me as to where to put my tongue. i then found out there was another vibrator taped to my balls and cock, just as She let loose with a powerful Golden Shower. my tongue position directed Her fluids right down my throat. it was very hard to keep swallowing fast enough, but i did because i was afraid to let any spill. At the same time, the dual vibrators were working their magic on me. i came as i was smothered by Her and drinking of Her.
Afterwards, She said i was a good sissy for drinking all of Her nectar. i felt proud, and wanted nothing more than to be Her sissy forever.
Unfortunately, about 6 months later, i had to return to the states, as my job was done, and my visa was done.
i seek another chance.

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