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Hi,I'm Apsara from Bangalore. I'm NOT looking for a master.Hope to speak with like minded ppl
Female Submissive, 31,  Bangalore, India

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I'm Apsara from Bangalore. I'm NOT looking for a master.

Hope to speak with like minded ppl - subs & doms - & learn. Though I'm comfy speaking with like minded people who are 'culturally' closer (read Indian). Im married and mother of 2 handsome boys. Im a kinster who loves exhibitionism, breast bondage and roleplays.

Luv & kisses

Journal Entries:
5/13/2017 5:55:04 AM
The dare I had to strip in the ladies room of a public toilet, stuff my mouth with a pair of clean panties and stand my the mirror brushing my hair. The attire i was wearing blue jeans, black top (snug fitted), black bra and panties and sports shoes, and anklets. No jewelry. Light make up, but no lipstick on. Location Well lets says a popular mall on a weekday noon. Selected a washroom on a floor away from the movie hall, food court, restaurants and arcade. Backstory I have not played in public for over 2 months - which was cleavage show in a low neck blouse and slipping pallu. My first attempt at complete nudity in public during the day. The Scene I walked into the ladies room. It was empty and thankfully without an attendant/janitor. I was carrying my large handbag and a large carrybag. I stood for some time making my hair to see if anyone walks in. Just the wait was tingling my pussy. Well to be honest I was very well dripping from the movement i started dressing up at home. Finally the wait was over; I walked into the last stall. Slowly stripped off my jeans and folded it into the carry bag. Next came out the top and folded into the carry bag. I stood there in my undergarments and shoes listening for any noise from outside the stall. Slowly undergarments were off folded into the carry bag - the soaked panties needs to be wrapped in tissues. I kept the socks on and wore the shoes. Took the clean panties from my bag, folded and stuffed inside my mouth. Closed my eyes... counted 10...breathing hard....said a small prayer .. and walked out !!!! Admiring myself in the mirror - with one eye and both ears tuned to the entrance of the washroom. Kept my carry bag in the next stall, as well as my handbag. Took the hairbrush and lipstick out. Slowly brushed my hair strange foot steps playing in my head, all ready to dash back into the stall. My dripping pussy got the better of my shame. Then applied lipstick. Took paper napkin and wiped my thighs and pussy area, as well as the floor which had my drippings. Then walked back into the stall, locked, up sat on commode, legs spread wide and let the jet spray works its magic Thank you Rahul for the kinky dare !! Muaah !!

5/13/2017 5:07:01 AM
Got this request for dare. I think it is very very kinky; but not doable in my city. Anyone else is game ? i would like you to do task in the movie hall . U will have dress up wearing a saree with matching blouse and petticoat. Also i want u wear very sexy lacy bra and panties. on your arrival to the movie hall u are to sit in centre of the hall and slowly remove your bra while the movie is going on. after that u are open your blouse and and only allow the saree palloo to cover your breast. you need to keep playing with your nipples till u orgasm in your panties. once you have orgasmed in the hall u will get up covering your breast just with your saree and walk to men toilet and keep the panties in one of the toilet. you will then come back to seat and on your way u will need to drop the bra in the movie hall. in the interval you are not allowed to get up from seat but remain seated. after the interval u must let ur saree pallo fall and breast kept open for exhibition with pegs on the nipple. 20 minutes before the movie is over you must find your bra and panties if u can find them then u will allowed to wear them and go home or else u will have go home with just your palloo covering the breast and pegs on the nipples.

4/2/2017 5:21:18 AM
One question, one chance, one honest answer. You can ask me one question to my inbox only. Any question,anything, no matter how crazy, dirty or wrong it is. No catch. But I dare you to post this on your status and see what people ask you! _________

1/1/2017 3:41:09 AM
27th Dec 2016. **************** Background: I was back in Bombay after 2 years; a 3 week long vacation meeting friends and relatives; enjoying moms cooking .. Plan was meeting old girl gang and evening of catching up on life, drinking and dinner. Had a gr8 evening with my besties. Visited Ghetto after ages. Followed by long walk and sunset at chowpatty. Then the thali at revival. It was hard saying goodbye to old friends. I decided to spend sometime listening to the waves. Sitting on the parapet at marine drive I logged in to CS on my phone..... and my fav friend and mentor for 10 yrs loggs in after ages. Well he has this rule about his girl being pantyless when chatting with him. Well I can't break this decade old tradition .... can I ?? Before we proceed ... my attire for the day. I was dressed in a long black evening gown with spaghetti straps, long earnings, black lipstick, kajol, black nail paints, 3 inch black heels, black tong and strapless bra. And Ofcourse my extra large hand bag. He starts with a hi, and asks me the mandatory question - drop the panty and report. I report my situation and start walking back the restaurant across the road. Spend 10 anxious mins waiting in Q. Get into the ladies room and check to see instructions on inbox. I wrap my soaked thong in wads of tissue and dump it into my bag. Walking back to the seafacing parapet, my thighs rubbing themselves as I walk, feeling the moist juices tickling down, my heart racing in anticipation of the next hour. I choose a safe place- a young couple making out to my left and a boisterous group of boys to my right. I sit down on the parapet facing the sea, my legs stretched straight- slowly opening up a few inches every min. The cool sea breeze trying to dry my juices, instead giving me the rush and making me more horny. The kissing couple next to me are in there own world- eating each other's tongue. The guy tries to feel her boobs but gets his hands pulled off. I almost laugh at his peril. She looks at me, I wick and nod smilingly. The boys ignore the couple are facing the sea and discussing virats captaincy. I recollect the next instructions- take one breast out of the bra but still inside the gown and feel it from over the dress fabric. Next touch myself between my legs over my dress. I look around, atleast 20 ppl in a 10 ft radius around me. No way I could play that dare without modifications. out comes my pashima from my handbag. I request for modification gets an instant approval with the caveat I would not stop until I orgasm or have a uncontrollable urge to pee. I agree. I cover myself with one hand inside the shawl and another holding the shawl and the handbag as weight to keep the gown from flying up. I look around ... conscious of the surroundings. Ppl around me are busy in thier own world. I slowly free my right boobs from the bra, caressing it, pinching my nipples. I move forward and back rubbing myself against the hard concrete wall. I find a sweet spot, a small upheaval on the parapet wall. Slowly riding it, and playing with my breast. The public place slows me down but the cool breeze and the humiliation of masturbation in public keeps me wet. I'm enjoying the moment, eyes closed, I probably moaned a bit loud. My sixth sense tells me something is wrong. I open my eyes to see the 5 guys enjoying my show. I blush and turn to my left , the couple have stopped kissing and are staring at me. The guy still looking at me tries his luck moving his hands to feel her breasts. She does not stop him this time. I can feel a silent thank you in his eyes as they resume thier kissathon. Hmmmm .. I miss my teenage life. I slowly turn back to my right, hoping the guys have vanished into thin air. Nope, all 5 present and staring at me. Lust in thier eyes but maintaning a distance (of 2 ft). I look down at the sea hoping they move away. I dare not leave the parapet without meeting the exit criteria. Statusco is maintained for 10 mins. I can feel them pleading in thier eyes for me to continue the show. I dnt. Then one of them climbs down on the rocks and comes in front of me. I slowly bring my legs together. He smiles and then goes a little away from me, unzips to show me his erect cock and starts to pee. I smile at him. He starts to rub his shaft, pulling his foreskin back and forth. I cover myself tightly and look at him with interest. His eyes plead for me to continue the show. I look at the other 4 still staring at me and smile at them. I slowly spread my legs careful that view is not more than my thighs. The other 4 jump in giving me peek into thier glistening dicks. Wonderful to see 5 boys masturbating together in front of you. The couple look dumbfounded. This time the girl is looking at the Dicks, the guys pulls her away and they walk off. This is my definition of sexism - he can look at a stranger girl masturbating but she should not have a peek at guys. I resume gyrating on the wall and pinching my boobs. The guys cum one after the other. Done , sateted they stare at me. I'm wet but the pace is too slow for orgasm. A good 20 mins of humiliation later, the sense of urgency in pee gives me the exit window. I slowly get down from the parapet, giving the guys decent view of my thighs and cleavage but carefull enough to not flash. Running back to the restaurant. A strange sight ... the security is in two minds on should he let me in. The customary salute is missing nor the curtousy to open the door. I rush to the girls room, thankful of the zero q this time round. I slam the door close, drop my gown n bra and sit down to pee. I check inbox and update my status. I get the expected message to leave the washroom after cumming. My fingers are thankfull for the request and start working on my clit. I suckle my boobs and bite my nipples; it does not take much time for me to orgasm loudly. Knocks on the door. I ignore, clean myself and wear the gown. I walk out to have the guard and manager waiting outside. The manager recognises me from the evening guests, smiles but shakes his head. I walk out of the restaurant as fast as my legs would carry me. I hail a yellow n black cab outside the restaurant and wave the boys bye ... they were waiting outside the restaurant. Thank you masterdominant1 for the sexilacious end to 2016.

12/22/2016 2:29:01 AM
Happy to visit my fav city .. ... Bombay in for 3 weeks :)

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