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I would like to have a handler to get me out there p>I'm  looking to fulfill some of my lon
Female Submissive, 45,  Oklahoma










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I would like to have a handler to get me out there

p>I'm  looking to fulfill some of my long term urges.

I'm looking to become a slut.

Or cum slut I like to suck dick and eat pussy.
I'm also looking to be a milkmaid.

I don't know what else to put here right now.

I'm a new slut and will need trained.
I've been around the lifestyle for many years and played a different roll.
I always had different desires, so now I need to experience them.
I'm not into pain and a lot of the related stuff that goes with being a sub.
I want to be a slut/milkmaid.
I like to be groped/manhandled.
I like my tits to be played with all the time.
I want to be used as a slut.
I like to suck cock and eat pussy.
I've been on female hormones for several years, so please do not expect me to dick fuck you.
It's not possible for me anymore.
Strap-on maybe.
I have not had the operation yet, it is very expensive about $50k .
I live full time as a woman.

I do have a life and kids.
So I need a little discretion

Journal Entries:
7/13/2016 8:04:58 PM
I'm a new slut. Need to be trained. I also need to be a milkmaid, hucow, ect. I need training in lactating. Making milk. Lot of online people but I need someone around northeastern oklahoma.

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