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slave looking for MASTER for ongoing Straight, BI, gay, Male Dom, etc VERY few to NO LI
Male Slave, 51,  Hannibal, Missouri


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GayMale Dominant
Age: 63, Height: 6ft 2in (188 cm), Weight: 205 lbs.
Location: Dublin, Ohio
Last on 4/22/18 at 12:08 PM
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StraightMale Dominant
Age: 47, Height: 6ft 0in (183 cm)
Location: Missouri
Last on 5/26/17 at 5:35 PM












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 Male Slave



 Willing to Relocate

 6' 1"

 205 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Male

Switch Men

Male-Dom Couples

slave looking for MASTER for ongoing

Straight, BI, gay, Male Dom, etc


looking for a sadist.   it is an extreme masochist!!

marks, bruises, anywhere on it's body are ok SIR's

you don't necessarily have to hold back with this slave.   you do what you want to your limits and push even your limits SIR.


it can go from milder play to very wild!!


if you are a REAL sadist,    pay attention: 

the more you are into inflicting pain on it       the more it will worship you SIR!

heavy to extreme pain SIR's   with this slave you can let loose that sadistic monster you have inside dying to get out and torture a slave SIR!

it is ready to be collared, used, abused and tortured!



NOTE*  it does NOT do cyber, Findom, or any such nonsense SIR's  r/t only, if you wish to own it then claim it but it is NOT changing it's profile before there is an actual face to face meeting!     thank you SIR's

Journal Entries:
10/16/2017 12:06:17 AM
== Results from ==
100% Submissive
100% Slave
100% Masochist
100% Degradee
100% Rope bunny
100% Experimentalist
100% Primal (Prey)
75% Pet
66% Boy/Girl
62% Non-monogamist
60% Ageplayer
51% Exhibitionist
45% Voyeur
43% Vanilla
42% Daddy/Mommy
36% Brat
0% Primal (Hunter)
0% Rigger
0% Dominant
0% Degrader
0% Owner
0% Master/Mistress
0% Sadist
0% Switch

10/9/2017 12:50:23 AM
There are a lot of fakes and phonies on here that are keeping it from being able to communicate with REAL MASTER's in an objective manner.... it should not be this hard to find a MASTER to own it...    if you are real contact immediately.. if you are fake keep right on scrolling to the next profile!  thank you SIR's

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