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hello,Masters and Mistresses thank you for taking the time to look through my profile and phot
Bisexual Male Slave, 34,  Newark, New Jersey

RUproperty MStephen ropes4fun2 master4subfun











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 Male Slave


 New Jersey

 5' 10"

 190 lbs






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Dominant Female

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hello,Masters and Mistresses thank you for taking the time to look through my profile and photos.slave isa very subordinate person by nature with no elements of being an alpha in anyway.slave, functions best when under the guiding hand of a dominant person.slave,truly enjoy the psychological aspect of being under the control of person who is clearly by naturetheir superior.

slave isopen to pretty much whatever the Dominant requires of them. In terms of punishment it can be as simple as good old fashioned over the knee king to complex restraints and paddlings. slaves only request is that you please do not break skin.

slavelove all aspects of humiliation wheretheir treated as a lesser . Forced nudity and being turned into your pet are of peak interest. Sissification at your hand can be great as well.

Hope this gives insight into the slavei have come to accept being.

slave isdisease and drug free and plan to stay that way.

Journal Entries:
4/2/2016 6:14:45 AM
As i let go of my dignity i embrace the pleasure of being exploited. my feelings matter less as i ultimately surrender to the Superior.  This is not a choice, i am a slave by nature.  There is no more humbling experience  than while being taken from behind you are ordered to turn around and taste your own ass.  i always obey... again...and again...and again.  Not because i want to, but because i am inferior.  A well trained anal whore will compulsively learn to clean their anal juices off the superior cock until it is clean. Now i just can't help it... i need to taste it.

4/1/2016 4:01:58 AM
Just think of me as a wet hole for cock.  Sissy mentality is to devote every minute to real men's needs by going face down ass up.  Yes real cock up my sissy ass always hurts but I know hearing me squeal gives you pleasure as it lets you know that you own my cunt.

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