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*Binder clip training picture (CBT and TT) update in 01/06/2018.   slave in Saigon, asi
Male Slave, 23,  Saigon, Vietnam


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*Binder clip training picture (CBT and TT) update in 01/06/2018.


slave in Saigon, asian.

those photos are its real photos and slave self pain on its useless cock. slave with pretty large bones structure for corporal punishment, normal nipples are waiting to be explore to no limits, 6 inches but fat cock and pretty low hanging ball are looking for training to take much CBT pain, and two holes for Master pleasure. slave is really turn on by different pain, especially nipple clamping make slave hard every time.


slave is looking for real time session in Saigon to discover more of itself before taking long commitment with Masters.


slaves are the beings that need to be trained, to be punished to break that undiscovered itself into broken pieces, and Master will be the one to make that pieces into Masterpiece - a true slave identity, to help slave know what slave was born to be, what to live for the whole life.


slaves are the property of Masters. Masters make slaves proud of being who slaves really are, live for their true selves, help slaves actualize what they want to reality. slave beings need to know that Masters is their everything, without Masters, slaves become useless, become nothing. slaves only have their identity through Masters. Being a slave is being a property of Master, and trust that all the thing Master do to slave, no lie, be loyal to Masters. The way Master treat slave is all for the goodness of slave, for slave desire, for what slave really want (Master know what slave really want more than slave know about itself, so slave must trust and believe Master all the way just like Master property), and slave must be proud that Master spending Their precious time training them, must always be proud, be thankful no matter how Master treat them, even in a hard discipline, or be treated as an object. Being the property, being trust Master is the privilege of the slave. Remember that Masters don’t have the responsibilities to care about their object, They have the right to do nothing and everything to Masters’ inferior slave, so everything Masters have done to slaves, slaves must take it with honor and be proud of. slave does not deserve anything from Masters, slaves is considered lower than any object in the world, even ashes, shit also has more value than slave beings. slaves must know that and be grateful that Masters give them the value to live, make it feel they also have little value in the world, that is being the object with lowest value of Masters.


Therefore, slave must try to be trustful, try to pleased their Master as much as slaves can, pushing the limit to what Master set to and try to pass over it, totally obey to their Master and know that at the time they become the slave, slaves have already belonged to Master. Master will define anything of the slave, include what to do and not to do, what to wear, pain limit, sexual life and daily life. It's a voluntary relationship, slave will get what it when they pleased Master, serve their Master and also by cared by Master, although in the way human care about their object.


Pain is not the discipline for slaves, the only discipline for slave is the ignoring of their Masters, Owners. slaves need to know that being punished, taking pain from their noble Master is their honor and privilege. Pain and punishment is for its growth, so they must take it with their pride, accept and honor what Master treat them. slaves must be ready to take pain and punishment everytime for Masters. Masters can use slaves being whatever Masters want, so limitations is not for slaves, that is for Masters to decide. slaves are not deserve to take any mercy from Masters, all slaves have to do is to be a loyal object for Masters to use, to relax or anything. Any request for mercy should make slaves take pain much more. Moreover, slaves must try to push pain tolerance day by day to not make Masters feel bored about slaves, although Masters has the right not to notice slaves, but slaves need to show that slaves are ready to take more pain day by day, no matter the pain from yesterday has not recover yet and will make today hurt more, but the responsibility of slaves is to take more pain than yesterday, and the right to do or not to do is depends on Masters. Masters know what good for slaves, slaves only need to trust. Also, slave believe that being born are male, that means slave have the privilege to train itself to take much more pain and make it easier to be treated like a slave and property with needless to care. The privilege to have cock and balls that make slaves has more part to be tortured. Slave must to make it stronger to serve Master better.


If master messaging slave “what do you want from Master”, slave must know its position that slaves deserve nothing from Masters, and obviously, does not have the right to “want” and answer by heart.



Journal Entries:
11/30/2017 10:25:04 AM

slave although has not be trained tpe, but to ready for the future Master, slave try to push to take more pain day by day but no obvious damage. If today slave’s nipple be clamped in 30 minutes, tomorrow must be at least 40 minutes. But because of self pain, sometimes slave can’t handle itself, such as failing the goal of clamping nipples for 40 minutes, and the punishment is clamp its nipple again 45 minutes in the same day. If slaves take it down sooner, 5 minutes more will add to the training, if slaves don’t have time, then slaves will be clamping in bath time, homework time, or take it tomorrow with 50 minutes in two times. And if slave fail more, the pain on nipple will be increase because in the same day, the time nipple take pain is the total time of several clamping, maybe more than 2 hr but seperated.

Because of not get obvious damage, slaves only use wooden clamps, but after self training, slave know that wooden clamps are hard for cause more pain tolerance, then slave uses double clamp, that means the clamps on the clamps to make it hurt more than ever. If the damage is obvious, slave will take time to recover, and doing pain on the other part of its body. After that, slave will self pain on that part again with more pain to push its limit. Now slave can use triple clamp in its nipples but only a short time because pain are too much, and try to push more.

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