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Is there any sub out there that has any common sense ? seriously .   Please do not wast
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Is there any sub out there that has any common sense ? seriously .


Please do not waste my time I will not waste yours . If your Dom shopping please pass me by .If I want to play games I would go to a gaming site. What I am into might not be for you but then again I seek what few can give but bottom line is if you can not give yourself completely and whole hearted then there nothing that you can offer me that I would want. 


I will say this once , I will not post my picture here period ! That doesn't mean I will not show a picture . Too many gamers , players , and foolish people thinking there getting $ .

Seriously get clue what this lifestyle is about and seriously if you can't click and match in thought and ideas what good is showin my picture going to do ? Also with all the fake pictures and profiles and fake photo's and photo stealers , yeah I show my picture in safe and sure way but not on this site .



Time and endless drama and waste of it all has taken a toll , it seems more and more that people treat this as game and at my age the thing you realize most is that you don't have the time to waste .





I find it sad people can't even talk , How they expect to know a person if they can't even talk

 I do have picture , when the times comes and a person wants to see it, have the courage to ask its very simple.

I am Dominant male been in the lifestyle for over 14yrs ,I be glad to share my knowledge or any questions....I don't play games ,I don't bs and reguardless if someone is  a fellow Dominant or submissive a person needs to be treated respectfully and with encouragement.
I am Dominant I am not God ,I can lead you but you must want to follow.....I don't have a ego..... If your looking for money then I advise finding a bank ...A person is followed by setting examples not by bs or sweet talk...........and if I don't know something I have no shame in saying so.....


More Important I don't follow anyone I Blaze my own path .

I dealt with online bs , I dealt with same in local groups .

I am true Dom who at my age knows what I like and will not change .
If you want to know about me or know something about the lifestyle feel free to ask....................




Journal Entries:
5/25/2012 2:54:03 PM

I seen something on a news channel where Guy said those who served in miltary that we shouldn't  just label them heroes and that we thrown the title of heroes around alot lately .


Now this got him in heaps of trouble cause it made him seem as he was not grateful .


my thoughts on matter is the man was right  a cop is not hero cause he does his job or fireman or someone in miltary ...these people know what there getting into and thats makes them Brave .


A hero is not someone who does heroic act cause its job , a hero is person who did it without question , without thought they did it in split of moment .


the people on flight 19 on 9/11 were heroes 


Much like wording people use in the lifestyle and without and  the real world people throw titles  around without much thought and quick to judge person that just expresses thought !


5/24/2012 12:29:05 PM

I like to deal with open minded people and not ones who just agree with for sake to agree there a big difference .


when it comes to me and finding My one and its very simple at my age to know what I want rather then settle for something less which always fails .( thats experince talking !).


I seek the one who be the fuel to my Fire which would lead to burning inferno that would burn mentally physically and mainly the spirit. A Fire that would be burning ying and yang .


and that what I seek nothing more nothing less , simple ! (or maybe not ! )



5/22/2012 5:43:34 PM

I am sorry to say No I do not have the power to part the Red Sea , I am just a Dom not a god .


sometimes  you need to loose a few battles to win a war ! and somtimes when you win a war you still loose .

4/19/2012 10:34:04 AM

I see that many don't grasp the meaning of BDSM and to know it is not game .


You want games I am sure there over thousand on the net you can enjoy .

You want Fantasy then there plenty of movies and Books to choose from.



I am not here for games , what I am and what I am into is not game it is who I am and what I am ....


and only deal with serious people who are in or intersted in the lifestyle .

also if your Dom shopping please do not contact me in form of fashion .


4/7/2012 11:30:21 AM

I been reading alot profiles thats what I mainly do here read .


But I seen alot subs/slaves  do alot crying


example a few have mention that the Dom that they just meet didn't turn out to be what they expected .

If you don't talk to your Dom or if you have  this mythical image of what you believe a Dom is then your Doomed to fail .

There difference between what a Dom is then the dream world your living in your mind .

A Dom will not act the way you want them to act and trying to match Brad Pitt to image of Dom will not happen .

my Best Subs in the past weren't the ones that were what we can say "model" images.

the best were the ones who were able to learn , wanting to learn and did learn and more important  "talked ".

tagging or getting collared in day or week or month will lead to failure , trying to impress the chatroom will lead to your failure , attending alocal group and trying to impress them will lead to your failure .

First find it what it is your seeking and talk , then take it from there trying to impress others around you will not lead you to road of happiness .


if you don't match a person yet there picture changes your mind your doomed .

trying to with $ you be doomed .


there two biggest mistakes you'll ever make in your search .


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