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Male Dominant, 75,  San Diego, California


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Age: 40, Height: 5ft 5in (165 cm), Weight: 113 lbs.
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Age: 18, Height: 5ft 3in (160 cm), Weight: 95 lbs.
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Age: 49, Height: 5ft 5in (165 cm), Weight: 117 lbs.
Location: United Kingdom
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Submissive Female

♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️I offer full support for full-time service, sexual♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️ ♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️and domestic: live-in 24/7 permanent relationship.♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️

Retired with a comfortable income, my time is my own. A lifelong Dominant, I am educated-(two post graduate degrees and a California Junior College Teaching Certificate) and have university teaching experience. On my own time for a period of over 30 years I have been teaching girls about their naturally submissive sexuality. Currently I am studying Relyfe Programming (erotic hypnosis.)

This winter I will begin visiting people and places on My Bucket List, and I want a female sub or slave to accompany Me. This will include travel in Canada and the UK, so you will need a current passport. You should be able to leave your current life behind and go off with Me. If you are interested, I will gladly give you more details!
Please feel free to ask me any and all the questions you wish. I will be more than happy to tell you everything you want to know about Me.


@@@@@ K9 lovers get first priority. @@@@@

Write to Me here on Collarspace.


Email:, and add Me on Hangouts.

Texting number: 619-302-6535

Kik: Seragliomaster

Journal Entries:
12/8/2012 9:16:14 PM

Dear future pleasure girl of Mine:

I want to give you an idea of what is involved when I start a girl's training, so here is a narration of the Initiation of a new girl. I'm going to write this in first person as if you were the one being initiated.  Keep in mind that this is a basic, generic start for all girls.  Additional training will be tailored to suit your individual kinks, fetishes and needs.

you arrive for your appointment dressed as you were instructed: front button blouse, navy or plaid pleated skirt, knee socks and low heel shoes (or flats), and matching bra and panties. I greet you and direct you into the classroom. I confirm that you still wish to be trained and are ready to go through your initiation. Once you've agreed, you will be blindfolded, and told to hold your hands out in front of you close together. you will feel handcuffs being put on your wrists.

At this point I will ask you if you are comfortable having been handcuffed, blindfolded and now made helpless in My home. I will ask you several questions about your feelings, reconfirm your Safe Word, explaining that you can stop the proceedings at any time. Finally I will ask you if you wish to continue and be initiated, or stop and be released.

you will feel leather cuffs being buckled around your ankles, and then you realize that those cuffs are linked together so that you are unable to run, and can barely walk. Again I will ask if you are comfortable, both physically and mentally.

I will explain that I'm going to be touching different areas of your body. I want you to tell Me where I am touching you, and with what. (I will use My fingers, palm of My hand, a feather, etc.) I am testing your tactile sensitivity. Again, during this activity I will ask you how you feel about what is happening, and whether you wish to continue or stop. The places I will touch range from very casual,(your hands arms, etc) to very intimate (your breasts, your inner thighs, etc). To my other questions I will add questions about whether you like what I am doing, dislike it, or are indifferent to it.

Testing of your physical responsiveness will next involve undoing your clothes. Garments will be unbuttoned, unzipped, unhooked, etc, and you will be touched in the areas that have been uncovered. Questioning will continue. Now the touching will become more overtly sexual. Your position will be changed by buckling a slave collar around your neck and attaching your handcuffs to the collar at the back of your neck behind your head. This is done to ensure that you are unable to reflexively use your hands to fend off any touching. 

In addition to My fingers you will now feel other objects touching you. These will include vibrators, massagers, etc. Just to remind you, at this point you will be standing before Me nude as your clothes will all have been removed during the previous phase. I will continue to ask you how you feel while I am stimulating you sexually. you will answer My questions truthfully, and this stimulation will continue until you orgasm. 

Having experienced your first orgasm(s) in bondage, you will now feel your ankles freed to move, and I will walk you over to My bed. I will assist you to a position in the middle, lying down on the bed, face down. you will feel your legs being moved apart so that they point to the corners of My bed. your ankle cuffs will be tied to the corner legs snugly, to keep your movement minimal. your wrists will remain linked to your collar behind your head.

you will now begin the disciplinary phase of your Initiation. The purpose of this is to teach you the consequences of disobedience by first hand experience. It will also teach you that serving your Master is always a pleasurable experience for you. Keep in mind that you are still nude, with your wrists cuffed to your collar at the back of your neck, your ankles tied to the corners at the foot of the bed, so your derriere is in position to be spanked. 

I will start with My bare hand, giving you a few smacks of varying force. you will be questioned again about how this feels, and how you feel about being spanked. I will soon switch to a wooden paddle, and question you again. Following this, you will feel the smack of: a leather paddle, a fly-swatter, a tawse and finally the rod. (As in spare the rod, spoil the child.) 

After you have had a taste of all Instruments, I will return to one of the paddles and possibly the tawse. But before using them I will give you a bit more stimulation by placing a massager between your thighs, in close proximity to your labia. It will be turned on, and you will be asked the usual questions. This vibrating massager will be manipulated in your crotch to increase the stimulation and arouse you to the point of orgasm. 

I may or may not permit you to climax at this point. Whatever I decide about that, you are shortly going to feel My bare hand spanking your by now rosy pink derriere. you will continue to feel the insistent vibrations of the massager in your genital region, contrasting with the smacks of your Master's firm hand. Ultimately, you will have several orgasms during your disciplinary instruction.

Next you will be given a taste of the pleasure that awaits you in a life of service to your Master. you will be repositioned on My bed so that your butt is at the foot. your wrists and ankles will have been disconnected from your collar and the bed legs, respectively. your arms will now point to the upper corners, tied there securely as your ankles had been. your legs will be off the bed with your feet on the floor (or dangling over the edge, depending on the height of the mattress.) 

you will soon realize that I am now standing at the foot of the bed, between your knees. I will lean over and begin kissing you, beginning with your mouth, then your cheeks, neck, upper chest, breasts, nipples, down your tummy, your abdomen, to your pubic mound and your labia. My tongue will force your labia apart and probe in between them until I reach your clitoris. The purpose of this is to teach you that one of your Master's favorite sex acts is cunnilingus. The immediate result of it will be your orgasm(s). you may also be pleasured in other ways while you remain in this position. you will come to associate your Master with pleasure, intense, deep pleasure. your Master is your source of pleasure!

Once you learn these lessons, you will be repositioned up towards the head of the bed into a normal spot for sleeping. (you will not sleep, however.) your arm ropes will be adjusted so that your arms are secured to the upper corners of the bed. your legs will be pushed apart and you will then feel your vagina fill with your Master's erect penis. And then I will proceed to fuck you until I am satisfied with you.

And thus you have become My devoted sex slave, now and forever.  

Master Stephen, the Seragliomaster

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