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Bit sub, bit Dom, whole lotta kink! Young but relatively experienced switch looking to meet
Hetero Male Switch, 25,  Glasgow, United Kingdom











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 Male Switch


 United Kingdom

 5' 11"

 183 lbs





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Bit sub, bit Dom, whole lotta kink! Young but relatively experienced switch looking to meet and chat with others in the scene. I've been involved on and off with the lifestyle since i was old enough to know but have frequently found it frustrating to meet fun and open kinky people who don't take things too seriously, especially outwith the bedroom/dungeon. I have pictures of both vanilla me and kink me which are available on request! Love to hear from you and get more involved with the lifestyle again! Day to day I work as a researcher, which although frustrating does give me a fair amount of freedom and at least some travel. I'm probably not the stereotypical scientist, still spend a lot of time wishing I was a ski bum, but I have collected a few bits of paper that say I'm relatively intelligent. Sport is my real love and god knows I've tried them all, most of them I've taken to a national level. Skiing, cycling, swimming, running, fencing, showjumping, you name it I've probably tried my hand at it. Training is what gives me structure to my life and pretty much everything else is secondary. Whether it's being poolside for 6.45 am or running that extra km in the pissing rain. I love talking to other people about everything and nothing, but please, if you're going to message me I do expect you to be polite or funny ( at least to begin with!). E-mails calling me a slave or asking to see me naked will just go to the bin. Apologies for any spelling errors, I'm tryig to type this on my iPhone and it's turning out to be rather difficult. Oh and I'm not actually Glaswegian!

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