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Hello there :)   So a little about me... I am new and not new to the bdsm/kink lifestyl
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Hello there :)


So a little about me... I am new and not new to the bdsm/kink lifestyle. At the beginning, most of us are trying to find where we fit in the bdsm lifestyle and we want to learn more about ourselves. When I started learning about the lifestyle, I was pretty sure I was a submissive. I love to please, do my best, and hate to disappoint. There are times when I want to be held and cherished and other times I want to be belted and abused.

Other than my hard limit list, I love to try new things and learning what I like and dislike. I am also very eager to learn what you like and dislike- figure out what makes you happy.

Somewhat recently, I met someone who took the time to learn a lot about me. A few examples - He notices how I fidget when I am nervous/ anxious. He knows the expression I make when I am trying to say something but don't know how to say it. He understands the many sides to me- little, submissive, slut, masochist and knows how to handle all of them. He is a great listener and is always there for me. I trust him completely and I feel safe in his arms. He gives me a space to be myself and makes things fun.

Right now, we are both looking for new experiences that we can share together and hopefully meet another female sub that we can train and give a positive view to the bdsm lifestyle, to. We both believe trust, respect, communication and honesty are very important in any type of relationship, especially in a bdsm one. We respect hard limits and want to push you to experience what you want to experience.

I have learned a lot about myself with his help and I hope I can make someone else's experience great also.


One of Daddy's fetishes is training and I'd like to help him train and or bring in a 2nd girl or two to have fun with.  We are open to local male sub's and of course submissive couple's.

We are looking for a girl who would like to experience having a safe space to experience her kinks and fetishes. We are respectful people who want to give a good experience to those looking to learn about themselves and what they like and dislike.

Daddy is very good at noticing and figuring out what makes you tick, what you crave, and is very understanding when it comes to 'too far'. He likes to push you to new limits, but never beyond what you can take- never past the safe word. The safe word is always respected and we want you to not feel guilty for saying it. Daddy is very flexible and will treat you the way you deserve AND how you want to be treated. He always asks what you need and will do his best to provide. He can be strict, but reasonable and he cares a lot about your pleasure.

We are also looking for a girl who wants to have fun. I really want to learn to please a woman- experienced with women or not, I want to learn your body and we both want to make you squirm.

If you're interested, please contact us. We will send pictures once we establish a connection.


Looking forward to talking to you :)


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Lazy Sunday - taking time to peek at a few profiles. If you're interested in a couple or a TPE situation please feel free to message us.

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