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I want a sub who is real. No games, no bullshit. I want a relationship with a Ds dynamic.Its n
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I want a sub who is real. No games, no bullshit. I want a relationship with a Ds dynamic.Its not about simply ordering your sub around and doing whatever you feel with no regard to your subs feelings. Its not just giving random orders just for your pleasure, and her left without the proper attention. A real Dom will find a way to cause his sub to desire pleasing her Dom. A Dom is the protector, teacher, and lover of his sub. A Dom is to keep his sub happy sexually and mentally the Dom is to be respected for the love and care he provides her daily. Respect is not given, it is earned. And easily lost when the Dom abuses his sub, usually in emotional manner. A Dom is not to inflict emotional pain and degradation to his sub. He is to give his sub a goal and direction on how to love and please him, while he does the same for his sub. When the sub has a weak moment, punishment should not be given to tear her down and make her feel weak and worthless, it is a chance for the Dom to stand up and let her know it will not be tolerated, just by making your assertiveness known she will not disobey her Dom in the same way again. Doms must love his sub in every way. As the lover, the Dom is loving, and when appropriate... Stern. He must recognize that he is the only source of pleasure and pure happiness for his sub. He must see to it that this area is never neglected, or she will leave forever when another Dom provides her the attention that you neglected. Its not about sex. The Dom should be gentle, supportive, tender, loving, and caring to the sub and her needs and emotions for him. Being a Dom is not about overpowering and beating down his sub. Its about the Dom caring for the wellbeing and happiness of his sub, while the Dom is also being pleased in his demands. A Dom is to treat his sub with dignity at all times and to never put her in a state of danger. A sub goes out of their way to please the Dom because she genuinely cares for the wellbeing and happiness for her Dom. The sub does this, not out of fear of punishment or losing her Dom, but only because she wants to give her Dom complete happiness. A sub never wants her Dom to be disappointed with her. A sub takes pure pleasure of the fact that she is the ONE that pleases her Dom.

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4/11/2018 3:18:18 PM
Hey CS.....Why can’t I upload any pics?

4/10/2018 1:58:17 PM
Somehow I deleted all my pics and now it won’t let me upload any

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