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Greetings Masters!Please, i dont want to waste your time. And for sure there will be a lot who
Female Slave, 24,  D, Michigan












 Female Slave



 5' 3"

 128 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Dominant Male

Male-Dom Couples

Greetings Masters!

Please, i dont want to waste your time. And for sure there will be a lot who say i am a fake. Its ok, you dont need to contact me.

I seek an online relationship on a written base only (pictures from internet to explain something are fine). When you dont like such or when you cant see a way how this will work, then do not bother, just look for someone else. But please grant me that i seek what i like to find. Thank you.

I seek a Master, who is experienced in life and lifestyle. I mean a Master, not a dom or want to be master. A Master knows what he wants, he doesnt ask if a slave likes something or cares if the slave will have reputation problem due to the rules and orders he gives. I do not seek a friend or a lover. If i have the feeling the Master seeks a partner in me, then this will not work. It will be a pure Master/slave relationship

Hardlimits: toilet, drugs, sextrade, mutilation, death, puppy play, daddy games, no females (i am straight), pics, cam.

Interests: humiliation(public), degradation, micromanagement, device and toy use, modifications, outdoor activities, rough group actions, reputation/life ruination, 24/7 TPE, forced orgasms...etc...

i tell you that i have no financial interests, i will also dont need money for a sick uncle or such, or i dont look to marry and i will not relocate. i live together with my younger step brother.

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