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Introduction At my age Im primarily looking for a compatible long-term intimate companion to e
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Introduction At my age Im primarily looking for a compatible long-term intimate companion to enjoy a lot of the vanilla things in life. How people relate in the quiet moments is important also. While I listed myself as a dominant, that is more about being forward, outspoken, and uninhibited than controlling. I enjoy traveling, seeing the sights, fine dining, nature walks, beach walks, live theater, concerts, comedy, the arts, historical museums, relaxing and enjoying the views of nature, etc. My athletic days are behind me, but I do enjoy good day hikes in the woods or beaches (Elbow Beach on Bermuda is a favorite) or mountains (Pacific Northwest is a favorite), and occasional activities like kayaking. I love to travel. This year I spent a week in Strasbourg, France, a week in Boston, and a week driving the coast and hinterlands of Oregon. At home, I garden (flowers in the back yard), read, write, watch some TV (love old movies and some sci-fi), and listen to a lot of musicmostly pop, rock, progressive rock, jazz-fusion mostly from the 1965 to 1985 era. I also like some classical. I am on this site because I have a scarlet past. Ive been in and out of the lifestyle since I was 22, but mostly out. Im not that into the heavy aspects of the bdsm lifestyle certainly not now at my age, but I do enjoy on occasion the erotic, being playful, experimenting, and being uninhibitedable to openly talk about erotica when the spirit moves oneand occasionally doing or watching playful kinky things. These days Im much more into sensuality, passion, physical affection, and erotic caressing touchIm very tactile and love to touch and be touched. I have gone to clothing optional nude resorts (beaches) on the Mayan Riviera several times some time ago. Have not had anyone in my life who wanted to go over the last decade. In my younger days I did swing clubs, socializing with other couples in the lifestyle. Again, swing clubs are not a relationship necessity, but an old interest that I would do if I had someone in my life who was also interested in them.

More about me I am a white collar professional with a stable 6-figure salary. I am educated (advanced degrees), erudite, and a well published author. I am healthy, safe, sane, even tempered, easy going, conversational, sometimes funny, though not naturally social. I dont do social media. I am a non-smoker, very light social drinker, and dd free. I dont have any children. Im non-religious and of German, Swedish, English heritage. Im very even tempered, seldom get angry, and cannot cope with angry or violent people. I am not a jealous person. I am more of a lover than a fucker. Im not interested in cyber play or endless emails. I seek face-to-face meetings. Safe public non-obligatory first meetings are ok. The physical aspects of communication between two people are important, i.e. body language, voice tone, eye contact, etc.I live alone in a nice 4 bedroom house. Im fiscally conservative, but understand the importance of publically provided goods, and Im socially very liberalACLU level liberal. My favorite news show is Rachel Maddow.

More about what Im looking for

Im looking for a LTR with that special and rare female who will be a compatible companion, someone with similar interests and attitudesa companion who is intelligent, educated, independent, relaxed, playful, and conversational and enjoys engaging in companionship activities. While physical and personality chemistry is important, attitudes and interests are key. Touch and physical affection are paramount. Sensuality is important. You should be politically and socially liberal, sexually open minded and uninhibited, interested in occasional erotic play. I love the female body, exploring its pleasures, and occasional toy and bondage play, and love to give oral. I also like being at home, cuddling in the evening and kissing. I prefer a bisexual woman, but that is not a necessity. I tend to prefer small tits and slim women, but that is not an absolute. I have a hard time with large and obese people. I do work still (but will retire in a couple of years). My work, however, is very flexible in hours and time usage. I have a lot of open flexible time. When I am not working I love my time to be with my companion. My mate is my primary non-work focus.

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