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We are animals.  Highly advanced animals but animals never-the-less.  So as much as modern soc
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We are animals.  Highly advanced animals but animals never-the-less.  So as much as modern society has changed how we live, we are still earthly beings responsible to our nature.  This responsibility to our nature has nothing to do with individual ability.  The smartest strongest woman in the world is certainly capable of doing but what's the point if the purpose and design aren't there?  When you apply natural order, observable fact, to our most base selves as the male and female of the species, our roles become quite clear cut and obvious.

I think the difference between a submissive and a slave is quite dramatic.  A submissive holds on to different personas or ego states (as a 1st year psychology student might say) for various reasons.  She has friends and family that know her a certain way.  She has co-workers, bosses, even employees that know her in a different way.  She has money and property and stuff that she maintains.  Keeping these ego states viable is instinctual because of her submissiveness. She wants to maintain her identities to satisfy those ingrained expectations, even gaining her identity by the thing she's known for.  I.e. as the one who makes the best cookies, or writes the best quarterly reports, or is the saver with the biggest piggy bank.  Her inherent need to please, to have a place, to be accepted by the tribe is as real as her submissiveness.  But almost certainly, these different personas and ego states, eventually conflict with her core being.  The better she is as a daughter or friend or student or co-worker the more free will and independent thought is expected of her.  The money and property and stuff she attains results in more power and material wealth.  The very thing she doesn't care about, even rejects, in the first place becomes her identity.  The good news is that for a submissive it's possible to reconcile those ego states and compartmentalize the contradictions in her psyche by devoting herself to a Dominant man.  By finding a singular focus for her actions and refining herself as a tool or vessel for her Dominant's pleasure she will find the security, protection, and sense of purpose that really drives her.

A slave on the other hand, has let go of those various personas and coalesced those aspects of her personality into a single submissive energy.  Slaves are free from those socio-political falsehoods and are more sincere versions of themselves.  Being recognized by her ego state is meaningless to her.  Having a deed or fat bank account has no quality to a slave.  They are societal constructs and only by luck or chance does she have the things she has.  If she were born in a different place or different time she would still have the same point of view.  So she isn't a product of her circumstances rather true to her primal original self.  As one who is submissive to her nature as a woman is to a man.  She finds purpose and fulfillment by supporting a man in his ambitions and his dreams.

I am very traditional when it comes to gender roles.  A woman's natural place is in support of a man.  To provide comfort and peace in a cut throat and dangerous world.  To tame his savage heart with a gentle and feminine aura.  A man's natural place is as head of household.  The decision maker, the provider of structure and discipline.  Control of his home because he knows how violent and unpredictable the world at large is.  His job is to protect those who depend on him and shield their innocence and gentle nature.

I was playing poker at a friend's house when one's girlfriend came home from a night of partying.  She was drunk and had fallen and injured her knee.  She pleaded for sympathy and attention for her pain.  She hurt and wanted her boyfriend to take care of her.  He ignored her at first.  She grew more and more vocal. His annoyed affectation led to poor poker play and later an eruption of anger and name-calling.  We sat there and played through several cringe-worthy, obnoxious, back and forth outbursts.  The whole episode lasted about an hour.  I wanted to scoop her up in my arms and carry her to her bed.  I wanted to prop up her knee under a pillow, massage her injury gently, and hug her and tell her that the pain would only be for a while.  I wanted to make a warm compress and bring a bag of frozen peas and show her how we could make it feel better.  And when she was calm, I wanted  to stand up next to where she lay and admonish her for her rudeness and aggression.  I wanted to tell her about the punishment that would come.  I wanted her to acknowledge her mistake and I wanted to hear that she wants to be punished.  Those words exactly, "I want to be punished because this is what I did wrong."  I would have told her how proud that made me.  I would have gently petted her face.  I would have pulled out my cock and made her suck on it for a while as the game continued in the other room.

Isn't it romantic.  I slipped and fell on a red line train when I lived in Chicago.  I guess the train took a turn too sharply and I fell very awkwardly.  Like my legs over-corrected and somehow I just fell over like a tree in slow-motion.  When I hit the ground I was mortified more than anything and before I could pull myself up the concerned redhead in the front seat quickly asked, "Are you ok, are you hurt?".  "Just my pride." I whispered to her with a papery grimace.  Her face turned beaten red and the warm giggle kept intensifying the more she tried to suppress it. From the floor of an El train in cold ass Chicago.

My father taught me early on, not to pity the suffering and the distressed.  That to feel sorry for someone's poor or diseased or any other pity-evoking state, was something that I must guard against because feeling sorry for others meant that I felt sorry for myself.  He explained that if you hold yourself higher than someone then; a)other people are higher than you and that b)you prop yourself up by looking down on the ones you pity.  Neither option had much appeal to our sense of nobility.  He taught me instead to act with love and respect as a positive motivation for compassion.  It seems only natural that I would develop a fetish for causing humiliation and pain.  I used to try to reconcile the contradiction, intellectually, until I realized the innate and empirical genesis of those fetishes.  I realized, I am a man and animal once and always and that there is no reconciling instinctual impulses.

The daddy/daughter dynamic is a natural derivative of the dom/sub dynamic.  Daddy making sure to protect his daughter while nurturing her aptitude and curiosity.  Daughter adhering to Daddy's instructions and guidance to ensure that he is never disappointed.  I strongly believe that you should live to create opportunities for your Daddy to give you praise and affection.  Live to create those opportunities.  To provide him with a sense of contentment and pleasure and purpose, to a certain degree.  And to fear the mere thought of disappointing.  That's why I'm so keen on the word natural. It's that contradiction between the affectionate side and harsh possessive side of me that needs to be satisfied.

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Alas, the search continues

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It's one thing to be a slut, it's another to be slutty. 

11/12/2013 6:05:51 PM

I make a terrible first impression. 

5/9/2011 10:24:52 AM

Devotion is a two way street right?

4/9/2011 11:58:45 PM

When I want to push into your space.  Brush away inhibitions.  Peel away your skin.  Cut into your center with a bandsaw.  Pry open your slippery red chest.  Look at your heart.  I see a mirror.  I see a smile.   

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