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Let me sum things up in a different way so that everyone can understand... I'm a sociopath, I
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Let me sum things up in a different way so that everyone can understand... I'm a sociopath, I do whatever it takes to get what I want, a walking "id" (psych 101 term if you don't know what that means) 


About me:  I was born and raised in the south, brought up to be the perfect southern gentleman; polite, charming, charismatic, funny, sociable, and above all else honorable.  I was sent to the best schools, traveled the world over and got to see things that really made an impression which is where I was introduced to an alternative way of looking at things. I came home and applied what I learned in school and traveling abroad and made myself very successful. To that end I am very good at getting what I want; my motto became “Win at all cost” and it has served me well to this day.  Now to the really important stuff… As I progressed into “lifestyle” (which is a term I utterly despise.) I realized I had a taste for the darker more extreme side of things.  I became a brutally sadistic basterd and enjoyed every second of it. The power and control of it all became an obsession for me.  Now with that being said it is important  to note while yes I’m very much into some very intensely cruel things that I don’t have do this every time I do have the ability of  self control so I’m not an unreasonable asshole just a person who really enjoys causing pain and suffering.


About you: You are a masochist or at least curious about being one, half way decent looking and have at least a general  grasp of reality. Oh and you have to be able to deal with an absolute control freak who is overly aggressive (when I know what I want I take it).


Journal Entries:
12/13/2017 4:54:05 PM
I miss have  girl who I can actually be myself with. I get I'm  not everyone's taste in "friend" for lack of a more conversationally acceptable word; This place has so many begging to explore "darker things" or the "depths or their extremes". Turns out, when they find someone who can actually make that happen, they really don't want it. 

I'm just venting, no one is going to care, a few will have remarks and others still, will be totally clueless. 

10/15/2016 5:58:22 AM
No... My kind of sadism, my kind of fun, my own brand of twisted does not have to be physical at all. More to follow on this later.

10/14/2016 4:16:37 PM
So after years of nothing, of keeping the monstrous beast in check, thinking I got rid of it, it got out. How I so loved it...

2/20/2010 3:43:20 PM
Ok lets touch base on something here for just a moment. My screen name is "Sadistic Monster" this should be a huge clue as to what I'm into. I'm into some very extreme things, now when you start talking to me you should be welll aware of that. When you start asking about what I'm into, it shouldn't susprise when I tell you what I'm into is very extreme. This seems to be a common problem these days, just want to see if I can clear a few things up.

10/24/2009 10:36:43 PM

Reality Check #2
Pre meeting in person proof:

First off, yes my main goal is meet in person face to face. Now with that being said I am more then aware of the abundance of fakes and scammers here sooooo..... Don’t expect me to walk by faith. I have no problems traveling for the right situation, nor do I have a problem helping you with your finances but before I even consider spending one red cent, I have to Know that you are who you say you are, I need real proof of it. I am MORE than willing to prove any and every thing I've said on this profile and will be happy to prove myself in whatever way works best for you (again I'm evil not unreasonable) so don't get you panties in a twist when I ask for proof. I don't expect a phone number 10 minutes into our first conversation but before we meet you can bet your sweet bibby we will have had more than one conversation over the phone (this does not mean phone sex). Secondly I understand not everyone has a web cam (to include myself) however I do have a digital camera and can have pictures to you of myself within 10-15 minutes made to order so something to that effect is also expected so that I can make sure that the pictures you show to start with match up with the person behind the screen.

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