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 As a Dom, my approach to D/s is from a holistic perspective that addresses the emotional
Male Dominant, 60,  100 Miles to Home, Oklahoma


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StraightFemale Submissive
Age: 56, Height: 5ft 2in (157 cm), Weight: 106 lbs.
Location: South Florida , Florida
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StraightFemale Submissive
Age: 32, Height: 5ft 4in (163 cm), Weight: 160 lbs.
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
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Age: 62, Height: 5ft 9in (175 cm), Weight: 230 lbs.
Location: OKC, Oklahoma
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 As a Dom, my approach to D/s is from a holistic perspective that addresses the emotional, spiritual, physical and intellectual dimensions of this lifestyle, as well as all other dimensions of life. A relationship that involves D/s as well as other aspects of a healthy, well-rounded life is desired, such as dancing, travel, having people over for dinner or some other reason for a party.


 I am seeking a woman who is submissive by nature, who has a great sense of humor, who is self-confident, professional, sexually aware and engaging, intelligent, and attractive. I would enjoy the opportunity to talk with you about your journey and discuss how we can share time together on the path.  Recently, a very thoughtful submissive shared a video on her profile that described in an erotic song a sense of what I understand can happen in a strong, secure D/s relationship where there is trust, chemistry and connection.  Here is the song:

FYI....I am married to a woman who is mostly vanilla, though she does enjoy watching me with a sub and will sometimes join us in a scene.  With her endorsement, I am seeking a sub to satisfy the dimension of my life which she does not share.  As such, I am not available for a 24/7 monogamous relationship. I am available for a long term relationship with a sub who understands her role in my life and my role in hers.  This sub will be submissive to me and the relationship we share will be subordinate (or submissive) to my primary relationship.  I know that for many this quasi-poly relationship will not work, but I would much prefer to be honest with you from the beginning about my expectations and limitations than have you assume something that is not possible.  I can offer respect, honesty, intimacy and integrity in a significant relationship; I can not offer monogamy.

My wife is aware of this arrangement and endorses it as she does not have an interest in this lifestyle but affirms my interest as significant to me.  It works for us.....will it work for you?

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