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If you cant see us when we correspond please, let me know!! I will try to figure out a way for
Dom/Switch Couple, 55/50,  BergenPassiac , New Jersey







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 Dom/Switch Couple


 New Jersey



Primary Partner:








 6' 2"



Secondary Partner:










 5' 10"



Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Sub/Sub Couples

Femdom Couples

Male-Dom Couples


 Auto Mechanic

 Construction Expert

 Woodworking Expert

If you cant see us when we correspond please, let me know!! I will try to figure out a way for you to see us. Trust me...we are WORTH it!! SMILE

I (we) live in N NJ. Why we cannot fix that after a vacation trip to Tampa FL is one of the great mysteries of this sites arcane architecture!

We use this same name at the OTHER site and it works much better. Look us up there?

We are a serious, open, friendly couple. We are looking to make friends and meet new play partners.

We are active in the local (North Jersey) community. We are public and active members of the community. You can find us at several munches. We would be happy to meet you there! Ask us! We travel from North Jersey to Philly. We go to big events and small, from DC to Las Vegas.

We enjoy convention hall size events and small intimate experiences equally.

He is straight, Dominant. Sensual with a slight cruel streak. With a heart of gold and a sly wit.

She is a total creature for the pleasures of the flesh, receiving AND giving.

She is a service top but is a submissive at heart. (Are you man, or woman, enough to make her kneel??)

We both enjoy the......unusual and creative.

Both of us love to laugh. We also enjoy a whimper, a moan or even a muffled scream from our partners.

Fire, floggers, knives are his favorites. She has an amazing touch with her hands or mouth or her..... Her skills with toys are quite spectacular! She is Hell and Jesus with a bullwhip.

We are well known in the local area. We attend local munches and a local dungeonplay space. He has been a DM at several on premises play clubs.

She likes men, over 6 feet and 200lbs, straight, submissive (interesting, intelligent Doms are a maybe, who knows?). He is ALWAYS watching over her (GRRRRRROOWWLLL).

Both enjoy ladies, bi or straight. Sensual Dommes joining him in topping her is always fun.

She also likes soft, submissive, bi, ladies to hurt and then cuddle. She has also had a few spectacular moments with toppy leather women. Her mood can vary! SMILE

Imaginative couples with a taste for the sensual, bizarre (and FUN!) are always welcome!

We confess there is often sexual activity of some sort included (of the safe variety) on the program. An orgasm for SOMEBODY involved just seems to be appropriate! You have the option to just say No. SMILE

We use the same name on the OTHER big BDSM site. We have to be friends before you can see the good stuff!(Its a free site, you are probably already on it).

We have references. Everyone loves Her they tolerate me and some MIGHT even say something nice about me! Some....Might.....

Journal Entries:
9/3/2009 4:24:00 AM
The Bagpiper--

A bagpiper was asked by his friend, the funeral director, to play at a graveside service for a homeless man with no family no friends. The service was to be held at the new county cemetary in a remote area.

The piper became hoplessly lost and arrived nearly an hour late. He saw a backhoe in a field, the pile of earth and the crew somberly having their lunch, the hearse and funeral director, were of course gone by then.

The piper walked to the gravesite and saw the vault lid was in place already. Feeling terrible over his tardiness. He asked the workmen to please stand while he played.

They complied and stood silent as the piper played his mournful yet inspiring notes. He played his heart out for the deceased--"Going Home", "The Lord is My Shepard" and finished with the heart rending  yet  joyful strains of "Amazing Grace".

The workmen were awestruck voices muted with their feelings. Their eyes tearing with emotion, one by one they shook the piper's hand as they walked away, sobbing..the last finally choked out a few words..."Sweet Jeezus, Joseph and Mary, I've been putting in septic tanks for 30 years and I never seen nothin' like that!"

7/10/2009 7:33:59 PM

Back from TES---whew----

There is a lot of drama and controversy raging over this even.  Claims of misbehavior by various miscreants of all types.

I just want to recount our experience.

From the moment we arrived to the time we left--we had a great time. No drama, no hassles, no sweat. Great presenters, good classes even some 1 on 1 with Boomer (who was espcially gracious--Thanks again).

The registration staff was fast and efficient and PLEASANT. They didn't know us from Adam but still made us feel as tho they were personally glad to see us.

I had one interaction with a DM on Saturday a thin bearded gentleman with heavily tattoo'd forearms and he was courteous and "professional".

Do egos and tempers flare? Sure do. Does alcohol belong in a dungeon? HELL NO. Are people sometimes rude assholes (even people in positions of "power")? Indeed they are.

But I enjoyed THIS TESfest more than the others I've attended. Seemed looser more relaxed and 'inclusive' than the last one I attended. More 'fun', less constricted.

It seemed to me that TES had recognized there are a lot of people who don't subscribe to 'leather protocols' and the 'old guard' and a lot of the other dogma so tightly embraced by some---and those who do NOT are as valid, honest and as real as anyone who does.

I am loathe to condemn a entire event, as some have done, because of the actions of a few, even if they were in positions of authority. A lot of peple worked very hard (worked for FREE as volunteers, I might add) to make TESfest happen. I want to thank them.

7/18/2008 7:31:51 AM
Miss Manners Says:

Appropriate dress is important it shows respect for you and the others around you and their enjoyment of the venues' ambiance..

Glad to see its not just NJ and Philly..even in OH SO trendy and cutting edge NYC people don't know how to dress for a dungeon.

Went Paddles Saturday (could tell we were tourists we got there at 10:30 PM the real crowd gets there midnight of after LOL)

But we dressed appropriately..the ladies in corsets and skirts, heels or just dressy black.
The guys in all black (with some leather).

We noted a few fashion faux pas we might mention:

Team baseball hats..tacky

Cargo shorts and alligator shirts. Scream tourist.

Sandals on men esp with black or white (or god forbid) argyle socks. What were you THINKING??

The six of us in our group took a vote on this one...unless you ARE a REAL cowboy (horse in the parking lot, 6" belt buckle, 2" dick) leave the fucking 10 gallon hat home. Its NEW YORK CITY not the open range. You look like an asshole with it.

5/27/2008 7:38:45 AM
So easy to have a day go horribly Wrong..

There I was on my way  to Walmart . The sun was shining birds chirping ... I was in a great mood ... and then ... I rear-ended a car. 
So there we are at the side of the road. I was getting my paperwork out .

Slowly the other driver gets out of his car and walks toward me...I  could NOT believe it ... he was a DWARF!
He storms over to my car, looks up at me and  says, "I AM NOT HAPPY!"

So, I look down at him and said, "Well, which
      one are you then?"

And that's when it all went WRONG.

3/31/2008 10:15:14 AM
"The Rules..ver 2.0"

Subject to change on a whim:

Clarification for 2008,

In keeping with my penchant for 'the numbers' I want to say the 80/20 rule most assuredly applies to these rules. About 20% of people are exceptions.

By the way, if you feel you ARE an exception..there is a an 80% chance you are NOT! 

1. Anyone uses Master, Sir, Lord or any such nonsense in their screen name is no such thing.
Dommes have a SLIGHTLY better batting average at this..but only slightly. 

2. Anyone who has a virtually empty profile  ALSO has an 'empty personality" and you would likely prefer not to know them.

3. Anyone so lazy they abbreviate three letter words like 'you' and 'are' is lazy in bed, too.
4. Anyone WhO TyPEs LIke tHIs, has a defective keyboard..or a defective HEAD.
5. Anyone with just a dick picture IS a dick. A "dom" with just a dick picture is a douche bag AND a dick.
6. Trust your instincts. Your gut is smarter than you are sometimes.
7. Its not about a big toy bag. Heart, imagination and integrity are what matters.
8. Technique is easily learned, good judgment and common sense are harder to come by.
9. If you value your hide don't be a learning experience for someone with a sharp object or a whip.
10. Don't do unto others unless you have had it done unto you. There's no substitute for first hand knowledge.
11. If you don't know the difference between 'dominate' (a verb) and 'dominant' (a noun or adjective) you are not the latter.
12. Being nice is overrated. Never tolerate intolerance or be nice to a troll, it only encourages shitty behavior.
13. Judging people is OK. We all make judgments everyday. Just don't confuse judging with prejudice. Don't expect others to always agree with you. Your opinions and judgments are your OWN, don't confuse your opinion with a fact.
14. Self Validation is the best validation. Don't depend on others. They have their OWN agenda and it might not be in your best interest.
15. We are all adults who enjoy a ribald comment or a double entendre, even a little sex talk, in a chat room. But for christ's sake, give it REST once in a while. Being crude is not sensual or just makes you look like an ill mannered chimp jerking off in the zoo.
16. Idiots who call themselves "FatCock4U", "Pussylicker" "HotTwat" or similar graphic sobriquets, should be ignored on sight. They clearly have NO imagination and odds are, nothing to say worth hearing.
17. People who enter a chat room, tho they be hundreds if not 1000s of miles away, especially if they want to cyber or phone..are generally wankers or cheating travelers. Neither is a very savory prospect.
18. Only stupid boring people come to chat and announce they are bored. Smart people can always find something interesting to do or read. Idiots expect others to entertain them.
19. All rules are guidelines. There are always exceptions. Use your head. Think for yourself.
Oh and this is more a TIP than a rule: Avoid a brown hanky in your right rear pocket.....

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