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Gentle DomIf submission is a gift, domination is making a safe warm place to put that gift A
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Age: 50, Height: 5ft 9in (175 cm), Weight: 262 lbs.
Location: 65803, Missouri
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Age: 29, Height: 5ft 8in (173 cm), Weight: 123 lbs.
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Gentle Dom
If submission is a gift, domination is making a safe warm place to put that gift


I haven't updated my profile in a while so here goes. I am married in an open or poly relationship. My wife is an assertive woman but comparatively vanilla. We are equals between each. Any woman I play with she would know about, but not necessarily ever meet let alone play with. We have done vanila swinging and while that is nice I want to an a little more kink to my life.  and ideally something ongoing.

     Open minded yet sane white male, 6'0, John Goodman big teddy bear build, 49, dominant, seeking a woman of any race of legal age, who can be passionate but not a drama queen. I am poly and can share my heart finding different joys with different persons. I cannot promise the world but I promise to my best in either play or hopefully something more on going. I'm attached but my significant other is fully aware of my activities but just doesn't share them. In my case it is actually true and can prove it with a phone call. Not into blood, knife play, fire play, breath control, body waste, permanent marks In my dominant mode I know how to take control and put someone in there place without them truly down.  For me d/s is to sex like a rich sauce is to a meal it enhances but does not replace the food. So for me d/s doesn't exist without sex.
I enjoy kissing, oral, anal and vaginal sex, spanking, sexual servitude, bondage, prolonged teasing, toys. Pain is something to alternate with pleasure like a complex sweet and sour sauce (gee you cannot tell I'm big guy :) put I try to have a full appetite for all life.
I like to write read mysteries, science fiction, love movies and exploring new neighborhoods.
I like to laugh. I am serious but do not take life too seriously. I look more for pleasure and joy. I like to talk and I like to listen to more than the sound of my own voice. I hope to share.

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11/15/2017 10:06:08 PM
How can one border collie be more valuable to society than the highest paid ceo, the President of the United States, the Dear Leader of North Korea and five super models. A border collie knows how to herd sheep with out a degree from the Wharton School of Business or polling. The border collie helps protect the flock from wolves, guides the flock to greener pastures, keeps the flock together and the shepard warm at night night without asking for stock options for doing a job he is already getting paid for millions. A border collie never asks "does this tail make my ass look fat?" The border collie keeps the flock together rather than pitting the white supremacist sheep against the black activist sheep. The border collie does not go on Fox to complain about the previous sheep dog. Could you be my border collie and keep this shepard warm at night and the flock safe and growing? I need someone positive and joyful that while the shepard is looking for answers, he does not them have

11/20/2013 10:14:50 PM

I'm sore from finding needles in haystacks I'm looking for a complete, but not perfect, woman to share parts of the lifestyle and the lifestyle. I'm in an open or poly marriage so I don't lie or hide things from her. BDSM has been everything from an erotic vacation to the start of a profound, loving relationship with everything from poems, to spanking, long, slow kisses, anal sex and afternoon lunches that went of for four years. 


I'm told a good teacher, good listener, and a loyal friend along with being a competent dom that is creative without being compulsive about it.

2/16/2009 10:14:09 AM
Here is a portion of a note I sent that captures where I am right now.

I dominant to bend another to my will, those few times I submit it is not to damage or degrade myself but to feel controlled, suprised and desired. I'm an overworked, underpaid man that has survived and aches to grow as a total person, artist, poly husband, dog owner, writer and yes kinkster. I

3/20/2008 8:59:13 AM
Hello, everyone.
What am I looking for? A woman who is submissive? I don't want to control everything your family, your career, your money are all your business. And while I will respect limits, I don't want to have my sub chaniging the rules constantly. I want this to work for you as well as me, to create a special space for us to put aside the everyday.
Talk to me.

9/2/2006 10:52:30 AM
Hello, bright blessings to all.
It is a sunny day and I'm in a sunny mood. I'm at a crossroads again and looking to move forward. Life has been good to me in many ways and I want to reach my full potential. Novices are welcome but please be serious. Experienced women are welcome but don't be too serious. :)
A long term (would have been four years this November) relationship with a fine woman ended as she is leaving the state for family reasons that our beyond our control. It was never exclusive but it was sincere, loving and she is still a friend and ally. It was very sexual but never just sexual.
I mention this because though I will miss her
I was very lucky to have the chance to know her. While I don't rule out a casual relationship I prefer something ongoing at a sexual friendship.
In the interest of full disclosure I am in a poly marriage with a wonderful woman who is open minded but comparatively vanilla. She would not have to be involved with a submissive sexually (she wasn't intimate with my last companion thought they were on friendly terms) but she would be aware.

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