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The journey has many odd twists and turns.   Some journeys end too soon and others g
Male Dominant, 56,  N Illinois, Illinois

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Age: 39, Height: 5ft 6in (168 cm)
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The journey has many odd twists and turns.   Some journeys end too soon and others go on and on.   

Just here to make friends and if another one comes along that truly desires to embark upon a journey with an older experienced one like myself then time will determine if the stroll turns in to a journey.

I have many friends that I keep in touch with on here.   While there are some that come and go quickly, there are others that continue to be in touch over time.   Friends are good to have.

We bump in to others for a reason.    Some times that reason isn't readily apparent.    It just takes time for it to materialize.  

Time is the key .... the mind is a wonderful place but it isn't captured over night.  

Happy journeys to you all. Working on increasing my workout regime. Am down 50 lbs and 30+ inches.... Two years ago after progressing from running a block, to a mile, to 3 miles, to running several 5ks and even a 10k had to shut down for injuries. Just started running again. First .25 miles, then .5 then .75 and now 1 mile. Trying to get back so I can run the 10k in the fall.

Journal Entries:
3/23/2010 7:30:31 AM
Well it is the right of passing where you reach the day where your another year older and wiser ..... I sit back and reflect that I have made many new friends this past year yet the one thing I long for has eluded me ..... you begin to wonder if she really exists ..... I know she is out there hiding but I just haven't found her hiding spot yet .....

7/11/2007 3:58:09 AM
Life throws you curve balls and sometimes you just stand there and wonder what can hit you next.   Tis amazing what people will do to their friends at times..... if they weren't your friend I just wonder what the action would have been to their enemy.  

They always say when life throws you a lemon just go make lemonaide.    Any submissives want to help?

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