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    I am a man, Master of my world, who will exercise complete con
Male Dominant, 58,  Orange, California












 Dominant Male



 5' 11"

 198 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female



I am a man, Master of my world, who will exercise complete control in the bedroom/playroom/wherever I want you room. You will not top from the bottom.  I am the leader in all other areas of life too.  You can be female (only please) very sub or slave but you must have a brain.  To enjoy life to the fullest requires good communication, mutual understanding.  


There's discipline for "good" or bad girl but I also have a big heart.  Discipline is the key word here as I do discipline, strict discipline. The art of the kiss is important here too. 


A 50's lifestyle is good but I seek more... a lot more.  I need a girl who can stand on her own two feet as well.  I can't drive or fly the plane 100% of the time.  There are times a man must rest and count on his lady partner.  

I seek a true closeness where two people, in their respective roles, compliment each other and truly satisfying, very fulfilling relationship is the result. 


All things in moderation equals a long life.  I want to add trust is a very important thing in a D/s relationship.  Trust is a two-way street as well. 


Vanilla is a good flavor of ice cream but not in a personal life.


I Love to eat good foods including Asian and Italian.  I eat healthy when possible. Both work and play are important and both are given full attention as necessary.  I'm single and best if you are the same.  However, if you are separated and leaving a loveless marriage I will talk to you.


I am an animal lover... big time.  All dogs and smart cats welcome!  All horses too.  (Let's go for a ride sometime.)  Race horses are fun the watch and own!  (Go easy on the snakes however.)


I control an American energy business.  We are working hard to make our country a better place!

I support America energy and jobs and do not support needless wars.  We are moving into the entertainment world too.  These are an exciting new series of projects. 

If you scuba dive or interested in learning that would be a plus too.  

Do you want to live with and be loved by a Dom man, enjoying life to the fullest...  let me know!



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