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Greetings,   First, I am single, as in not married, no girlfriend, no crazy ex-drama.&n
Male Submissive, 45,  Hattiesburg, Mississippi










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First, I am single, as in not married, no girlfriend, no crazy ex-drama.  Second, I am real, sincere, and not here to waste anyone’s time (including my own).  Ultimately, I am looking for a genuine connection, both vanilla and BDSM.


I am an educated, traveled, well-rounded, “true” gentleman.  Outside of work, I enjoy being a homebody for the most part, but am always up for a special event or outdoor adventure.  I am also a bit of foodie and movie buff.


I am seeking a Domina that is intelligent and experienced, someone that is preferably looking for a true partner, not merely a mindless slave or sub.  I also appreciate a woman that has a witty or sarcastic sense of humor, but humor of some sort is a definite must.

Journal Entries:
2/3/2018 6:29:46 AM

In matters of the heart, when a man loves a woman it is only natural to want to please her and make her happy.  However, in the specific context of D/s, not all subs/slaves are created equal.  For example, the locus of my own submission does not originate from a tingly, goosepimply, overwhelming desire to please or serve someone else (though I do appreciate the same).  

In contrast, my deeply rooted submissiveness stems from a more masochistic desire to be subjugated by my partner.  Likewise, I seek a female that means to rule over her male counterpart as both a loving partner and strict Mistress, such that her authority is genuine and absolute.  One where obedience and respect comes from a firm hand—not necessarily a gooey heart.

1/4/2018 1:49:59 PM

For me, being a sexual submissive is not a kink or fetish (or fantasy), but a very real part of my sexual identity, much the same as my sexual orientation (which happens to be straight).  Likewise, similar to being straight (or gay, or bi), I do not “choose” to be sexually submissive; it simply comes natural that way.  Likewise, I prefer a sexually dominant partner, especially a woman that is naturally inclined to top (or control) her man, whether sensually or sadistically—or both.

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