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35 year old D/D free, single, white, submissive male. Never married, no kids and I have my own
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35 year old D/D free, single, white, submissive male. Never married, no kids and I have my own place in downtown Chicago. I'm an educated, reasonably successful professional with a background in architecture and a military background. I enjoy a glass of good bourbon, a fine cigar, and an afternoon in the sun. I enjoy everything from shopping, to fishing, to nerding out on a good a action flick. I love trying new things and am not afraid to push my limits.

Getting a bit more personal, after a few years away from the lifestyle, I'm dipping my toe back into this deep, dark pool. I'm not necessarily looking to jump right into anything serious or even necessarily sexual. Im just here to meet some like-minded people to talk to and connect with. If a friendship happens to lead to something more, then great.

Essentially I identify as a male submissive (not a slave) and am open to most forms of play. I'm generally averse to anything permanent or unsanitary but other than that. I am also not looking for a findom nor am I interested in "pay for play". Other than that, I am pretty open to explore the depths of my submission. As stated above, I do have a career I care about so I value discretion. If the things above appeal to you, feel free to message me. Otherwise, best of luck to you on your way through this life.

Journal Entries:
12/21/2017 6:20:58 AM
Merry Christmas to all you fucking heathens!!!

12/18/2017 3:09:05 PM
So it's the Friday before Christmas, no work for the next week+ and i'm avoiding going to a friend's party. i think i'd rather just troll this site, hoping for a random connection. Does that make me antisocial? A shut-in? Or just bored and in need of some downtime? Who knows, but it is what it is. So here i'll sit with a cigar and a glass of bourbon, catching up on my DVR. Cheers to all my fellow lonely souls. i raise my glass in your honor.

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