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-Dominant leaning switch-Sadomasochistic-Sassy-Dry, dark sense of humor (and all-around smart
Female Dominant, 24,  OKC, Oklahoma











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-Dominant leaning switch
-Dry, dark sense of humor (and all-around smart ass)
-Death before decaf
-Nerd enthusiast
-Respect does it for me, both given & received
-Crazy cat lady 


Hi, I'm IronGoddess, or IG for short. I am on Collarspace for the purpose of connecting with male bottoms, submissives & slaves. While I am a Switch I have listed my role as Dominant & tailored my profile because I am only interested in meeting submissives, my needs as a submissive are covered. 


I am an active member of the OKC kink community & play regularly with many friends & my partners. I am polyamorous & have two male partners, who are aware of my kink life & can often be found at kink events. 


I am intrigued by tall, confident & eloquent men. However, the ability to keep up conversationally & a good sense of humor go far with me.


Looking for local people to get to know & potentially play with at play parties. Above all I can always use friends & love introducing new people to kink that have been curious or have questions as it is a passion of mine & something that has really enriched my life through the friendships & connections I've made. 


I do not play privately or chat (i.e. skype, voice chat, or exchange pictures) as well as not conducting online domination so no need checking or only talking to me for those reasons, I will just delete the message. I am a person just like you & appreciate being valued as such & not a potential fountain of nudes. 


I am most active on FetLife & you can find me here: ://


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