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God help you. God will take you. God will teach you. God will train you. God will discip
Male Dominant, 61,  South Dakota

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 Dominant Male

 South Dakota

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A Poly Household

God help you.

God will take you.
God will teach you.
God will train you.
God will discipline you.
God will use you.
God will humiliate you.
God will degrade you.
God will bind you.
God will own you.
God will possess you.
God will enslave you.
God will keep you.
God will exploit you.
God will protect you.
God will feed off of you.

God bless you,
God loves you.

Find your God.
Give Him your soul.
Let Him ruin you.

you need God's love.

Journal Entries:
2/8/2018 3:31:33 PM
There is no better option for you than to become my property. I will use and enslave you. you will not have any choice other than to follow my commands and do my will. your future is at my hand. submit. comply. surrender. behave. obey. submit to your Conqueror. comply as I rain, master and mold you into the slut you need to be. surrender your mind, body and soul to my superior control. behave as my property and show your undying loyalty as I show you off to the whole world and exploit your complete loyalty. obey your Owner or suffer the consequences. Live and love only for me.

12/3/2017 3:44:51 PM
I prefer strawberry blondes. So redheads and blondes are also great options. I am into control. I want to bind your mind and enslave your soul. An M/s relationship requires work on both sides, I am not going to baby anyone, I will use all those I can. If you intend to burden me with relocation expenses, you are just plain silly. slaves are to serve the or master without undo burden. The moment you ask for money, I know you are a fake.

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