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Looking for the souls that need to be owned (in an Owner/property relationship where the Maste
Male Dominant, 61,  Sioux Falls, South Dakota










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 Dominant Male

 Sioux Falls 

 South Dakota

 6' 1"

 217 lbs





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Submissive Female


A Poly Household


 Auto Mechanic

 Computer Expert

Looking for the souls that need to be owned (in an Owner/property relationship where the Master molds his slave into his ultimate slut, uses it at will, but guards its submissive psyche, protects and exploits its subservient nature to his satisfaction, enables it's commitment to the craft of slavery, teaches, trains, disciplines and pushes it into complete submission, pushes it beyond its limits into a living, breathing toy and plaything with duties to contribute to the house and service it. While the mastery of another comes with great responsibility, the possessions duties and Exploitation are dependent on her personality and where she can do the most good, make the best of her contributions to the family. Although the owner will own her outright, and she will feel completely owned in her very soul, it will always be treasured and prized for it's role in the family. It will understand that although life is hard for it, it belongs to a strong man with a vision for a great future. subject will not be exposed to scat, beastiality, or children in sexual contexts. Will endure humiliation, degradation (as required), spankings, slaps, bondage, and have to come with rigorous use while following a daily routine that will provide it's life with structure and purpose. Ask yourself if you are ready. The proper candidate has a commitment to slavery as a consensual subservient to a benevolent owner and wants not just to experience the most intense and caring relationship that any can share, the word love cannot be demeaned, rejected, nor abused, for it is the cornerstone on which the family is founded with a true commitment to the Owner, his cock, the routine, their contribution, and each other. Jealousy is a sin to one's self and corrupts the soul. Men had many wives as property throughout the ages and still do in many parts of the world. Jealousy is easily addressed and will be corrected through logic, love and understanding. However, anyone seeing love as a weakness will not be a good fit, for it is the glue that binds my house. Do not kid yourself, life is hard for a slave, especially at first. But as it becomes self aware of it's role and finally accepts it's place and role in the world, it will enjoy it's use, its exploitation and it's purpose through its sacrifice. All property will be managed, cherished, and protected as not simply a treasure, but the prize that defines her Owner through his constant and consistent mastery of her life and her very soul. If you think that is too much for you, pass me by, this is not for you. If I have pushed your fantasy to a new reality, your only need now is to become my possession. I will take care of the rest. Of course, there is the next step, will we be good together? Will you be able to worship someone as strict as I, with an attention to detail as I? I am not a monster, I will teach and train you well with humor and understanding. But eventually, you will be expected to perform as I see fit. slaves are strong. So you shall be. But you will also be my slut, and I will use and share you as I see fit, as mine. Request a photo. you are expected to. The absence of one in this profile helps me eliminate the wannabes. If you want a model, move on, I am more interested in your soul than your body. Excellent, you have read this far. Whether simple curiosity or I have touched on it's fantasy, to be total property in complete surrender to a dominant authority, you understand what is expected, you know what you need. Contact me. Be respectful. slave can call any male Dominant 'Sir' without offense and in therefore show respect, even if the Dominant would rather be referred to by something else. This gives him the opportunity to reveal his preference. If you are not a slut, I will make you one. you will lose the inhibiting, restrictive ways of a corrupt society that wallows in mediocrity, indecision, lies, broken promises, and incivility. I will give you purpose and worth, a life beyond the ignorance and cowardice of a dying society. you are here for Me, aren't you? you need this, to belong to me, to serve me, to answer exclusively to me, to be bound by your commitment of slavery to me. Do not call me "master" until I own you completely. Honor the truth. If you aren't mine, my soul to keep, I will find the one I already own. she will come to me already belonging to me, but honor me in so doing, until I have accepted her, taken possession of her. This is about more than sexual fantasies. Although sex is a requirement, your purpose is what I make it, where I can use you best, to your fullest potential, as my loyal slut, slave, pet and toy. you have no obligation other than to your slave-hood, your subservience to others, and you need to belong to someone that will use you to your fullest, tire you out, sweat the fuck out of you and reveal the passion inside. Or maybe someone else in your place.

Journal Entries:
2/8/2018 7:38:07 AM
There are real slaves here, but only 1 in 10 women are real. The rest are scammers, and most likely not even women. If you are running a con, I will find you out, quickly. So why bother wasting your time and mine? I am an experienced Owner and treat my sluts well, but that doesn't mean I will send a worthless slut relocation money. If you don't understand that a slave must pay her way and contribute to the house, that a slave should not be a burden on the house, you are completely fucked in the head, go away stupid cunt.

6/12/2016 11:42:59 AM

I will not send you money. 


If you can't scrape together enough to make it from day to day and month to month, you will be no good for Me.

Prove your worth, prove you are worthy of My mastery.

I can fix a lot of things, but just plain being so stupid that you can't take care of yourself, that cannot be fixed (and I don't care what trouble you've gotten into either, if you can't afford it, don't get in trouble).

If you can't even take care of yourself, you sure as hell won't be able to take care of Me.

Will I take care of you?  Yeah, you bet, one way or another I will take care of you and even teach, mold and protect you, unless you aren't worthy of My attention and care. 

6/15/2015 10:55:38 PM
Taking a chance on someone... I live in a remote town. It is the largest metropolitan area in the state, but it doesn't even qualify as a city anything like the cities I grew up and worked in. I am on the edge of civilization in a gateway to the west. The grounds around Me here are life giving, a small hilly oasis empire built on a hard bedrock in a flat landscape that was once a glacial wash basin that made a shallow, flowing, fresh water sea. Now it is a part of a valley dredged by the melting glaciers. I live near the river and the falls. There isn't a lot of culture here, but we have some great minor league pro sports teams a love of the arts. Plus I love to shoot and hunt. But I miss the Virgin Islands. I miss the big cities I grew up in. Who knows where I'll wind-up next. A person would think this process easier, after all I have already enjoyed owning a couple of slaves and this is the internet, where it is supposedly easy to get to know each other, IF they are honest and forthcoming. Some are just complete fakes, easy to spot. It does waste a little time finding them out, though. I am probably in the perfect spot to setup a remote country cabin and take a slave out into the rural area and simply keep her forever, away from an ill world gone mad but risk being found out as her corruptor. But that's not what I want, I want to travel, finish college and get My masters, have an apartment in the city and a home with waterfront property on the island. I realize that I am in the wrong place, only captives and victims want to know Me. I need a loyal slave that is as comfortable in vanilla life as she is in My stocks. Devoted slaves are uncommon. Rare. I had 2. Why the fuck was I stupid enough to ever allow them to leave?

6/13/2015 7:37:18 PM
How do you tell if someone is fake? she won't share her: Facebook address, blog address, Google plus profile, twitter profile name, website name, etc... she refuses to tell you where she lives. she only has a PC (no tablet, no smartphone). she cannot get online every day to contact you. she posts her Y! Messenger ID and yahoo email address in her profile (Yahoo is full of holes for hackers to access your PC and hack it). she asks for you to relocate her (if she can't support herself she's not going to do any work for you if she was real, but she's not... she will take that plane ticket and fly away... meaning you will never hear from her again once you have sent her anything). she asks for gifts. she refuses gifts such as sex toys (probably because she doesn't have a US address). she asks for tributes. she refuses to send you a photo with her holding a paper with her name, your name and the date written in heavy marker by hand. she won't text you. she found you on an adult site and then professes to be 13. her photos are obviously professionally done, but she claims she hasn't done any modeling/porn. her photos are all over the internet (use tineye or google to search images) on porn sites. she asks you to do illegal things and is always egging you on to entrap you. she.. or whoever it is, asks you to kidnap her without meeting girst and/or proving she is the person being kidnapped. she says she wants to slave for you, but she throws tantrums to get her way (slaves do not throw tantrums, their one true quest is to please her Owner, she is a little girl and that's all she will ever amount to. And little girls are not slaves or even subs, they are babies that want to live like princesses but will not even treat you like their king or even a prince). she sends you a selfie of her in the mirror holding her smart phone and yet claims she has none, it was her friend's. she refuses to acknowledge you as her Owner/Master/Dom/Top in her profile (if she claims you are). Once she acknowledges you as her Owner/Master/Dom/Top in her profile, other profiles start popping up that you think are surely her.

3/24/2015 9:15:06 PM
There are words we oughtn't use... The n word on blacks. The c word on girls. But when you are just plain dumb and have no sense of loyalty? I think these are examples of exceptions.

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