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WE ARE NOT INTERESTED IN BOYS, SORRY. We are a happily married couple seeking a slave for a T
Domme/Dom Couple, 38/46,  Columbia, Missouri







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 Domme/Dom Couple





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 5' 4"

 140 lbs



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 6' 0"



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Submissive Female


We are a happily married couple seeking a slave for a TPE live-in situation. We are real, we aren't looking for online. We are willing to prove who We are. Do not bother sending us a message if you're not willing to do the same. Do not send us graphic photos. We are not interested in porn. We will indeed show photos upon talking to you and determining whether or not you are a real person.

We prefer to use Skype to text, as We both can text with potential in a fluid conversation. Also in Skype We can speak with you to verify that you are actually a female. We can show that We are a couple and both of Us are real when the time comes. We are real, you should be too. (too many boys pretending to be girls). Must be willing and able to relocate within a reasonable time period (obviously if W/we are compatible and decided to move forward).

You must desire to serve a couple equally, so obviously need to be bisexual! Must be willing to put in the effort and time required for all to determine if We are compatible.  We have been in the lifestyle community for a long time. We have seen a lot and We aren't going to be fooled, so let's not bother wasting each other's time. If you have never lived, or experienced something just tell Us that. Honesty goes a long way. We are a well educated professional couple. We know what we are looking for. We know the value of what We are offering and we are going to be very particular about who We bring into our lives and home.

This is a major commitment of Our time and energy and a HUGE responsibility. We operate in a pseudo 50's lifestyle, whereas He owns the house and She owns the home. We are true teammates, and are in lockstep with Our views and desires. If you become Ours, We are micro-managers,and We will control every aspect of you. We will determine what is best for you and guide you. As Ours, there will never be a question in your mind what you should be doing, how you can be pleasing and what is expected of you. We will never set you up for failure. She will be taking lead of Ours, but you would be equally Ours. We are looking for a sexual and domestic live-in submissive/slave.

Any questions, please feel free to ask Us. We aren't interested in giving you masturbation material, so don't bother asking what your typical day is going be like. Because We aren't going to give you anything but generalization and in reality, it will be different every day. We are pretty much into whatever gets the energy flowing in the TPE. If you are respectful, We will be as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read this far and respecting our wishes. As a side note, we are indeed very forward thinking, sarcastic and right to the point kind of people. If you are insecure or cannot handle our bluntness, please look else where. We do look forward to meeting you! Be well.

Journal Entries:
1/11/2018 2:00:20 AM
I always have to wonder why all the nudity? What makes it ok in this lifestyle? It's such a huge turn off.

11/11/2017 1:49:37 AM
EVERYONE MUST READ (please share, but respectfully request you credit HeavyHandCouple) Look both ways before crossing the street. There is no simple way to be safe online. I can't give you a one line mantra that will protect you from the proverbial car hitting you. Unfortunately online predators, psychopath, wackos and crazies exist online. It doesn't matter if it's an online book club or a BDSM website their there. I know what you're thinking, you've been at this for a while now and I've never had an issue. Hopefully you will never have an issue and this is cautionary only, most of us have not been hit by a car because we know what we should look out for when crossing the road. I don't care if you're male or female Dominant or submissive or anything in between, unless you're bulletproof have no family, no friends, don't work and don't care what Society thinks about you, you need to know. Something as simple as sending someone your photo or posting it online is enough to find out your real identity. Sometimes just the metadata that is included in the digital photograph is enough to locate you. Even if you remembered to remove the metadata before sending the file, the image itself can make it very easy to revail your identity. Unfortunately it doesn't take any technical expertise, anyone with a prepaid Visa card with $5 on it could locate your real identity if you have any images of yourself on any social media site. If you've used that image that you sent on social media connected to your name it's really easy. Just Google reverse image search and you will see exactly what I'm talking about. Things you can do to protect yourself when you send pictures. 1. Send photos that have NEVER been shared on social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, etc) 2. Never show eyes, computer AI uses eyes and distance to map your face for identity. 3. Take a screen shot of the picture you want to send and send screen shot to make sure Metadata is not attached to the picture. 4. Send only edited photos with little to no background and NEVER with anyone else in the photo. More safety tips to come. Be safe HeavyHandCouple

10/29/2017 11:53:55 AM
Does anyone really fall for the "Pay my Dom/Domme and I will be yours 24/7 for life". Are people that desperate that they are willing to send money for a promise? Wake up, they are scammers!

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