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28 years,5:3' tall, 116 pounds,38C bust, brown eyes with red hair,STD/DD free. I'm open to mee
Female Slave, 28,  Miami, Florida













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 5' 3"

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28 years,5:3" tall, 116 pounds,38C bust, brown eyes with red hair,STD/DD free. I'm open to meeting an experienced Dom, Dom/Domme who enjoys mental, physical and sexual exploration, training and use of very naughty but nice slave girl. I'm not into cyber fantasies or putting on CAM shows for wankers or sending anymore pictures.  The question of proof is just a way to get pics or cam shows (So if you need proof, I'll only take a picture with my username/handle written on a paper and send to you one time), no need asking for more and don't bother writing if your mind will/is filled of doubt. I'm a highly sexual person, not shy, nor do I downplay my intelligence, desires or need to be used and treated as such. Also, I have no preference of race, I'm not a racist so able to serve any race. I enjoy a good mind fuck as much as a physical one as I understand submission and domination is a thing of the mind. I'm about service, and humiliation, not getting fucked. Sex just happens to be the end result of some of this. I can enjoy sex, but as a service not as a pleasure for myself. I see an orgasm as a bonus, not my right.  None of that means I don't enjoy sex in the moment, with men or women, but it won't be me that initiates it.

I'm seeking a 24/7, 365 full time live in LTR position. I am a TPE slave and i am hoping to find a Master or Mistress to serve 24/7 as a permanent slave. Quality and trusting relationships don't magically happen overnight or just materialize as a result of a few unsolicited email exchanges. That's just not reality. Also, if you start the conversation off with lies, insults, deceit or 1/2 truths, it's usually is a precision for failure, so why take that approach? I'm college educated, but unemployed. What I seek is to experience total submission and use. Objectified and used hourly, daily etc. Required to serve, please, pleasure and be used as my owner so desires and given limits that he desires me to have.

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