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Honest feedback appreciated.  Does any of the following (other than the next two sentence
Male Dominant, 66,  Sanford, Maine











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 Dominant Male



 6' 0"

 235 lbs





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Submissive Female

Honest feedback appreciated.  Does any of the following (other than the next two sentences) resonate with you?


Dom wanabe in next chapter of life.  Currently in good vanilla marriage to first wife, and won't change that, so what follows flows from several years of dreams and nothing more.


I would seek long-term monogamous ownership of a live-in sub or slave, most likely a newbie, such that we could develop our own thing together.  I have lots of ideas for things I want to do with and to you, but I'm very open to a variety of living arrangements, from a 50% vanilla life with legitimate work outside the home to 95% bdsm arrangement. A lot will depend on your skill set, education, temperment, and desires.


A little about me:  Retired professional. Driven to help people and improve situations. Patient (except with incompetence of certain drivers), calm, quiet, competent, low drama, generous, compassionate, appreciative of beauty wherever I find it.  Healthy non-smoker, drug and alcohol free. Honest, loyal, and trustworthy.  Easy to please, easy to get along with, but a bit of a perfectionist. Generally, a nice guy.


Beyond moderate physical attraction, I would be looking for someone literate, loyal, present (as opposed to lost in her cell phone), down to earth, practical.  Someone who loves the outdoors and can at least tolerate classical music.  Someone adept at role playing, e.g., as my ward, personal assistant, physical therapist, masseuse, nurse, secretary, or as an object - pillow, blanket, coffee table, dinner plate, target, house-broken pet. 


We would tend to be very compatible if several of the following describe you:

  • You love to be touched. (I envision massaging, washing, drying, and oiling you, licking ice cream, honey, chocolate, etc. from your breasts and abdomen, as well as falling asleep at night with your abdomen as my pillow.  Tickling and/or spanking available.)

  • You enjoy cuddling up on a couch with your master to watch movies, listen to music, contemplate a fire, or read a book.

  • You enjoy being naked most of the time we're at home alone (except as needed for winter warmth or when we are expecting visitors).

  • You get aroused at the thought of being restrained (love ropes) or deprived of one or more senses (blind folds, ear plugs, tight wraps).

  • You are at least OK with, and preferably eager to swallow your master's average sized cock daily.

  • You are competent, but down-to-earth and humble.  (I appreciate confidence, but can't tolerate pretentiousness.)

We would definitely not be compatible if:

  • Getting pregnant is important to you.  (I've been shooting blanks from before you were born.)

  • You want to serve one master for your entire life.  (10 to 1 you will out-live me.)

  • You require your master be exceptionally cruel and sadistic.  (I'm fascinated by that craving, but insufficiently cruel to fulfill it.)

  • If you have to go to raves, rock concerts, shopping expeditions (all hard limits) or you want to travel extensively.

  • If you need public use and exposition, gang-bangs, lifestyle events, etc. (I will share you with no one.)

  • If you have tobacco, alcohol or drug dependencies, or are heavily tattooed or heavily pierced.  

  • Body modifications are important to you.

I have been asked about pain: I will use it liberally when punishment is required, or moderately when I believe it will enhance our sensual pleasure.  Otherwise, you will find me to be gentle, kind, and considerate.  When called for, punishments might include the following - all while naked, of course (and I'm open to others):

  • Light or play: hand spanking, tied up and tickled, tied up and dragged face down by your feet through soft snow (followed by a rub down in front of warm fire). . .

  • Moderate: spanking with ping-pong paddle or caning, light whipping, tied up and used as snowball target, mummy wrapped and abandoned for a suitable time . . 

  • Heavy: severe, welt-raising whipping while suspended by wrists or one leg; dressed with a bra and panties of dripped hot candle wax; or staked out on the ground over night to spend time with the local fauna - spiders, beetles, earthworms, slugs, raccoons, skunks, bats, owls, and weasels.  (I'd make sure to protect you against the local fisher cat, coyote, and black bear populations.)  Don't think we'd need heavy punishments often!

 Having seen the tremendous diversity of interests, "must haves," limitations, and attitudes among slaves' and submissives' postings, I am convinced that when/if I get the chance to jump into this lifestyle, patience will bring me a wonderfully compatible match.  I will continue to monitor this site from time to time, and I'd be happy to respond to any questions, suggestions, or conversation starters.   


Journal Entries:
2/22/2018 5:20:59 AM
I'm going to go off-line now.  I learned a while back what I came to find out; namely that there is a very wide spectrum of interests, wants, and needs among subs and slaves, and that it is highly likely, if I ever jump into the lifestyle, that I would find someone with whom I could share a lot of quality time. 

Meanwhile, I have found this site to be highly addictive - like panning for gold, I keep thinking the next session will reveal another inspiring beauty.  But enough is never enough.  Whereas this pursuit is tanking my productivity, putting my marriage at some risk, and violating my Christian beliefs, it is well past time to desist.  If anyone wants to contact me, the best way would be by email to fit.old.guy at gmail.  I check that account more or less weekly.

One observation before I go.  I've noticed several slaves who profess a desire to be used in any and every manner that will bring pleasure to their master, and who say they want to surrender their will completely to the master.  With my background, it has hit me between the eyes that this commitment is exactly what Christ desires from his believers.  So thank you to those slaves for their profound lesson and wake-up call to me.

Good bye.

2/16/2018 6:46:30 AM
I wish slaves and submissives would include pictures and/or honest de s c r i p tions of themselves if they are truly seeking (possibly among others) dominant males.  Just as women come in a continuum of sizes and shapes, male visual tastes span the same continuum.  Just as each woman occupies a single point on that continuum, so each man has his own particular ideas of what he finds attractive.  It only wastes everyone's time to hide information that would appeal to some and not appeal to others.  And then there are those who can't seem to get the conversion from kilograms to pounds right.  Honesty in self-de s c r i p tion would go a long way to improve the efficiency of real matchmaking, at least as far as male dominants are concerned.

Visual appeal is very important to most men, but kink compatibility, personality types, and a statement of what the slave/submissive is seeking (e.g., on-line only, friends only, LTR, relocateable, etc.) are also critical to matchmaking efficiency.  Leaving these details out of one's profile not only causes frustration to those who are serious about finding a good match, but also subjects the sub/slave to a mountain of useless responses.  The only situation I can see that merits omission of these details is the case of someone new to this lifestyle who truly wants to spend time looking around anonymously.  It is simple enough in that case to say so, and I'm satisfied. 

And thus endeth my first rant.

1/6/2018 5:36:49 AM
There are many reasons I might "Favorite" a girl (where "girl" is defined as any female my age or younger):
  1. If I were jumping into the lifestyle, this is someone I might be interested in, depending on how her blanks in her profile are filled in.
  2. If I were jumping into the lifestyle, this is someone I would definitely want to get to know better - a potential match.
  3. I am impressed with the extremes this girl says she needs (even though I'll never be sadistic enough to fulfill them).
  4. Her pictures appeal to me, whether or not we have anything in common.  (I'm a guy, after all.  I appreciate beauty, no matter where I find it.)

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