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I am a bottom only! Why am i getting so many messages from sub guys asking to serve me. I dont
Transgender Submissive, 29,  Arizona


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GayTransgender Submissive
Age: 33, Height: 5ft 11in (180 cm), Weight: 160 lbs.
Location: New Mexico
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I am a bottom only! Why am i getting so many messages from sub guys asking to serve me. I dont have a dominant bone in my body.

Giving the site another try... Looking for real people. Everytime i jump on this site its the same profiles pretending to be Doms sending the same worthless messages that lead to a quick get off for them. Incase you didnt guess thats not what im looking for.

Now that thats out off my chest- im a sub cd who has been pushing the boundries a little more. Had my first public outings as Selena and loved it. Hoping for many more to come and see where this rabbit hole goes :)

Im hoping to find like minded people to engage with. Open to many different types of conversations. The mental side of bdsm is so much more powerful than the physical with me. I hate being asked what am i into as the main interests are power exchange and feminization. Everything outside of that ties back to it. Chastity hypnosis etc.

Side note if i visit your profile and didnt say hello doesnt mean im not interested i just dont like to semd the first message. Something about it feels like im being a top


Journal Entries:
4/12/2018 11:11:09 AM
Home is still in Arizona but will be in Palm Desert area for awhile soon. Then San Diego so seeing whos close by.

4/12/2018 10:59:50 AM
Going to try listing my kik here just because this site has a tendancy to crash.... Calibimbogurl is the user name. If you message me please let me know who you are on here

8/29/2017 4:26:04 PM
Went blonde for the first time :)

7/29/2017 6:57:03 AM
If i favorited you sorry i know some take offense to that, its more of a way for me to save your profile while mine is in this waiting for approval que... dont remember having to do this in the past when ive been here but thats my heads up

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