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I have pictures look at them before you waste my time. Also your pictures are mandatory not op
Female Dominant, 43,  Riverside, California


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StraightMale Slave
Age: 57, Height: 5ft 9in (175 cm), Weight: 185 lbs.
Location: Hemet, California
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 Dominant Female



 5' 3"

 185 lbs





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I have pictures look at them before you waste my time. Also your pictures are mandatory not optional I don't give a fuck if your shy.
I also usually don't send a message first don't be shy.

Hi I'm a curious 43 year old lady. I want to find a LTR with some kinks. I'm open to questions and chatting. I have Kik and Skype.I have been curious about this lifestyle for a long time.
I would like a submissive male. I want a boyfriend. I like younger subs, I also like smaller men, but I don't want anymore children that is a deal breaker. That being said if you have your own that's perfectly fine with me. My absolute age limit is 50 I have my reasons respect them.
I am more subtle than most dommes I have learned.
I have some experience and knows things that I like. Flogging, cbt, edging, strap on play, caning, violet wands, bondage and I love panties on men it's just sexy.

A few things I have learned already. I'm looking for something real so I won't be taking any money or gifts from anyone. Please be local ( comfortable driving distance) or willing to relocate and visit. Not sure what a Dom wants from me but I'm not interested in finding out. Oh and I don't like inflicting extreme pain. I won't deal with married men either. That being said I am married but he left me 12 years ago I just haven't done the paperwork yet. Not 420 friendly.

Please be prepared to share pictures or have them on your profile already. I wish I knew how to bold this!!!! Pictures are mandatory.

Please at least have a job car and place to live as I won't be providing you with these.

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100% Dominant
95% Master/Mistress
87% Rigger
86% Voyeur
63% Owner
62% Primal (Hunter)
61% Exhibitionist
60% Degrader
55% Sadist
53% Experimentalist
43% Vanilla
9% Non-monogamist
2% Ageplayer
1% Brat
1% Switch
0% Rope bunny
0% Slave
0% Degradee
0% Boy/Girl
0% Primal (Prey)
0% Submissive
0% Masochist
0% Pet

Journal Entries:
12/29/2017 2:48:15 PM
It's a brand new year I'm looking forward to meeting a brand new sub/slave.

12/27/2017 1:04:35 PM
Happy Nude Year!

12/20/2017 2:17:13 PM
Christmas kinda sucks when you have no one to share it with.

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