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  Time to start dating fun men. Open to experiment in private, with ones i trust. 5&
Female Submissive, 28,  Ohio











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 Submissive Female


 Willing to Relocate

 5' 7"

 140 lbs





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Dominant Male


  Time to start dating fun men. Open to experiment in private, with ones i trust. 5  7  140 longer dark brown hair. Sorry I cannot answer all emails. i do read them. My picture was from when i was in Germany. I Would be happy to have an emotional connection and be a simple housewife. Prefer older as in 30s and 40s, ideally. Check my  journal entries for additional  information. Thank you  for viewing my profile. A new promotion has changed my workload. Im not as desperate as i was when i joined here.

Journal Entries:
1/18/2018 3:13:11 PM
Im no prize , im average looking at best. It seems there are 3 types of men here. Handsome hot ones that i cant believe cant get a girl, cute normal looking guys, and ones that should not post a picture at all. Some of you are downright scary looking. ive been bold enough to suggest to some of them that they post a different pose/pic or none at all. Posting no pic, is also preferable than one of your naked self, by the way. 

1/13/2018 3:05:05 PM
I wish the men wanting to whip me would stop  sending emails. I am not into intense pain.
So if its in your loves lists and i dont respond, stop sending more emails.  If you dont have a profile for me to screen, dont expect an answer either. I rarely email a guy first.  So just because I checked your profile, i probably wont initiate a conversation. So if you dont send one after i viewed it, ill assume you arent interested in me. Happy 2018 to all! 

10/22/2017 6:04:07 AM
Control the mind and the body follows is incorrect logic. sorry guys. dont ask me what i think, ask me how i feel. women are emotion based not mental and physical. capture our hearts, light a spark, thats where we are vulnerable. Male logic doesnt work on us. we might act impressed , but thats only for your fragile egos.

9/3/2017 7:09:26 AM
If you look at my profile, at least read the journal entries before sending an email.

7/29/2017 7:51:12 AM
Again thank you to all the older gentlemen sending me sweet emails. Getting a few of those a day  make up for the ones demanding i kneel or being called an expletive. If i do  not accept a chat invite im usually too busy with work. Try in later evenings when im home.

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