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kik is polysister4me

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I am Master's slave and I couldn't be prouder.  Master is a naturally dominant, handsome, intelligent, and world traveled older man.  We met on a different site and after talking for a short time, I relocated to Him.  Since that time, I have had my attitude adjusted and I now know what I am.  I am His slave.  


I have always been attracted to older men.  I thought I was looking for a daddy but that always turned out to be a disaster.  From the first time I spoke with Master, he let me know what he will and will not accept from any girl he is with.  His word is law and punishment is swift.  He always calls me on my  It's just one of the many things I love about him.


The guys I dated were all about sex and trying to be about bdsm.  Master told me that he owns his girls as property and it has nothing to do with sex or bdsm.  Fetish is only a very small part of surrender.  Master can't stand feminists or girls who say they are submissive to try and get their own way.  He doesn't really care what I think because I am just an extension of him.  A slave would not only know this but feel it deep inside.


Master told me that I would be molded to please him in every way he thought was necessary.  After all, am I here to please myself or the man who owns me:)  I still struggle everyday because I am young and I have bad habits that young people have today.  Sometimes my priorities aren't right and when Master disciplines me, sometimes I cry a lot.  It hurts me because I know I wasn't thinking of him and I don't every want to hurt him.  He can be understanding and will show me another way and then forbid me to act a certain way again.


Master explained from the beginning that because he is naturally dominant and because of his life experiences, he is someone who possesses, controls and conquers.  No one tells him how to live his life and anyone who gets involved must learn that their life is no longer their own.  Master makes me feel safer than I have ever been.  I know I could never leave him.  He has made it clear that no matter what I think, he will have what he says he wants.  He doesn’t ask for much, but when he does, it must become a slave’s priority.


Master doesn’t buy into the bdsm philosophy.  Fetish and real life are two different things.  One is play while the other is as real as it gets.  There is a difference between an owner and a play partner.  Master can have anyone he chooses.  Girls of all ages think he’s hot not just because of the way he looks, but also because of the way he acts and carries himself.  Master explained that I can’t be everything he needs just like he can’t be everything I need.  Something I know that I need is female friendship and girl time. 


I consider myself straight, but as a slave, Master tells me that I will service another girl and him when he is with someone else.  I can still call myself straight even if I have to please another girl with my mouth or use my mouth on Master when he is inside another girl.  Master understands that everyone has personal limits that really are limits and some of those limits are just things that haven’t been thought through all the way.  For those men who think I am somehow being abused or manipulated, I am bi curious so this doesn't go against who and what I think I am and I am the one who begged Master for a sister so STFU with your attempts to try and save me already.


I have done some things that I knew were against Master’s rules and that he wouldn’t tolerate.  I don’t know why I did them and that wasn’t an excuse.  I have already been shown the door and I broke down crying.  I can’t leave him and I know that even if he treated me badly, I still couldn’t leave him.  I once told Master I couldn’t be poly or a cuckquean and he showed me the door.  I was hysterical and I couldn’t walk out the door.  I just cried really hard and sat in a corner.  He took control and punished me then explained that him being truly polygynous is not the same as people who are poly swingers and that as a cuckquean, I would have to watch Master with other girls and help him.  The thing is that the thought of seeing him with another girl got me excited.  When Master grabbed me and beat me and told me that I wasn’t going anywhere, I calmed down and realized that I just needed to hear him say that he wasn’t getting rid of me and I needed him to be physical with me so I knew he is still in control.  I have always rebelled against other guys I was with and they always let me get away with everything because they don't know how to take control or reinforce their will on me.  For those people who don't understand this concept, then you aren't really dominant and again, stop giving me your beta male opinions.  I'm not asking to be saved.  


Master doesn’t believe in unicorns.  Another girl for him isn’t about finding someone that we both can be with together sexually or someone that serves both of us.  This is about his needs being met and another slave who wants to be owned and hasn’t been able to find a good master for her. You will have your own relationship with Master just like I do.  Master already explained to me that there will need to be one on one time with another slave and that sometimes he just wants to be alone.  This isn’t about jealousy or competing.  Of course there will be some jealousy.  We're girls and we are wired this way but a girl still knows that she will submit to a dominant man even if he already has others that serve him.  He’s a great man and I love and adore him.  I get sad just when I’m at work and I’m not with him but that’s not anyone’s fault.  When I told Master that I really wanted a female friend to talk to, He told me that can only happen with someone He trusts and is part of our family.  I begged Master for a sister and He gave me permission to look.  I’m trying to find a girl he will like and who is serious about being in a relationship and not acting all immature and only wants sex and partying.


Relocation is required.  Current photos are required and talking on the phone/text is required.  I’m trying to find someone for Master who understands how hard it is to find someone real and who wants a long term relationship.   I drove to Master within a week after first talking with him and I haven’t looked back.  I was afraid because I thought he wouldn’t want me and I would be rejected because I wasn’t as good as I could be.  Master has been true to his word.  This is about something real.  This is about being part of something bigger than yourself and if you are really submissive or a slave then you owe it to yourself to get to know this wonderful man.  Master molds me more and more every day.  I know what is required of me. I don't have a high IQ meaning that I'm not some sort of genius feminist who doesn't have a clue.  I lead with my heart and not my brain and it takes me a little longer to learn.  I'm also young, lazy and inexperienced when it comes to personal responsibility or being responsible for someone else.  I'm a millenial and I have all the bad traits of one.  I don't know what personal responsibility, self discipline or truly caring about another person and putting them first really means because I never cared about all the deep stuff.  Master is more than 30 years my senior, has lived around the world, has led an exciting life and has always owned his girls.  

Unlike "doms", Master is consistent in all areas of his life.  In my slavery I found freedom.  I don't have to worry about all the little things like I used to.  I get bored and distracted easily and I don't have focus or a sense of commitment except when it comes to Master.  I'm still young and I do stupid things but Master knows the difference between I'm still learning about life and when I'm being disobedient.  Master has given me purpose and has made me go deep inside myself to figure out and understand what I truly want and need.  When you find someone who speaks to your soul, it doesn't matter if he has a natural disposition to fulfilling polygynous relationships.  Women have affairs with married men and fall in love.  Married submissive women look for dominant men to explore with and have relationships with.  People cheat for whatever reason and people need to stop judging others for being honest about who and what they are.  

If you really aren't looking for a solid and fulfilling relationship then stop pretending that you are and be honest with everyone else and tell them that you have no intention of ever being with them because you're too busy whoring around or you're just a man pretending to be a woman or that you really live in another country and you're just trying to get money.


Slave k

Journal Entries:
9/12/2017 5:11:49 PM
I don't know if anyone will even read this or even care but I just want to put it out there... If you are are serious and really want something like a real relationship and something that will last. You have to be willing to take a chance. You have to be willing to sacrifice things. And I'm not just saying this to say it. I am saying this because I know what it's like. I've been in that position. I talked to Master and knew from the start that He was serious, honest and true to His word. I knew I wanted to be with Him. BUT, I will tell you that I was scared/nervous/hesitant to be with Him. I didn't want to be hurt again.

I was scared to leave my familiar environment and go somewhere totally new. I am someone who is not really good with change. So leaving my family and friends behind was a big challenge. BUT I knew that this was something I wanted for myself and I was going to take the chance and leave everything behind for a real chance at a real relationship. I will be honest and tell you that leaving my family behind was hard...especially my 2 younger brothers.

I will tell you that I was beyond nervous telling my parents that I was moving halfway accross the country to be with someone who I met online. I will tell you that there were a lot of hard feeling between my parents and my family members but I will also tell you that it was COMPLETELY worth it. I took a chance and it turned out wonderfully. I am so happy and contnent. I feel fullfilled and whole...something I haven't felt in a Long long time. I Love Master with all my heart and all my being. I would do Anything for Him. He is literally the BEST thing that has ever came into my life. He is my EVERYTHING. I feel so lucky to have met other half, best friend, "soul mate", Master at such a young age. I feel like most people never meetthat person. BUT I want to say that this would have never happened if I didn't take a chance, if I didn't leave everything behind, if I didn't go and think about what I wanted for a moment. I have always done what everyone else wanted me to do and not what I wanted to do. Basically what I am saying is that...
-You have to want to be in a relationship.
-You have to be open to change.
-You have to be willing to sacrifice.
-You have to be willing to take a chance.

Who know's maybe you will meet your other half in the process like I did. I want to let any girl out there know that this is a real relationship, with real people, who will actually care about you and accept you the good and bad. But will work on the bad to be the best you can be. Your place with Master would be irreplaceable and you will have a sister who will be your best friend. I want a slave sister and I want another slave for Master, to please Him. If you are willing to take a chance then please do not hesitate to message us.

9/11/2017 3:14:02 PM
It's been a while since we posted a journal entry.  Life has been fast paced during season here and Master's family came for a visit.  I have been up and down with my weight and I have been trying to eat right but I did everything I shouldn't have done behind Master's back.  I couldn't stay away from sugar and everytime Master tested me with bad food, I caved immediately.  My weight went down 20 pounds and then up 35.  Master is too smart for my own good.  He knows why I gained weight eventhough I thought I was giving the appearance that I was doing what I was supposed to.  Master has shown me many times that when I cut bad sugar from my diet, my mood gets better and my acne goes away and I just feel better overall.  Master makes the best keto peanut butter fudge and raw chocolate and even that wasn't enough to keep me from sugar binging.  I had to admit months later that I was eating french fries and drinking diet pepsi at work which are a no no.

Master sat me down last week and was blunt with me.  He is tired of hearing me say I want to lose weight but I don't.  It's been 13 months that we've been together and I only lost 18 pounds from the day I came to Master.  Master has had enough.  He has taught me how to eat properly and selected my meals and even cooked them for me.  He has proven to me how I lose weight consistently when I'm not eating junk.  He is tired of the lies when he knows he isn't crazy.  Master has always made it clear that he doesn't need anyone and he goes many years between relationships because women in general are pathetic feminist losers who don't take responsibility for themselves or the men they are supposed to care for.

So, Master made it clear that he doesn't need me and that he tolerates me.  He said I am someone he can tolerate to have around when I'm not giving him bad attitude because of my depression and I take things out on him for no reason. I don't have anymore chances.  Master made it clear that no matter how good things have been and eventhough he can handle the bs that I give him as a female, he will not tolerate any further things like this and he will simply move on and never look back.

This is what I love about this man.  He shows me that he's not my father and that I don't get to treat him with that kind of disrespect.  Master has used different methods to deal with me and he knows that leaving or keeping himself away from me would crush me completely.  Master also took 100 percent responsibility for my failure and he now makes sure that I can't lie to him and he micro manages everything.  Master also leads by example.  Master doesn't have any weight to lose because he isn't fat but he eats the same foods I do and limits his calories like I now do.  Master showed me how I was eating so many calories all day and night that I could only gain weight and he is right.  Since limiting my good calories, I have lost 4 pounds in 4 days and I feel better again.  I eat real food like meat, eggs, chicken, bacon, beef, cheese, onions, Master's low carb special sauces, nice filling salads, tuna, and no diet soda.  I still get Master's special peanut butter fudge but I don't get to sneak big portions in the middle of the night because he makes the portions snack size   He won't tell me what he puts in it but I love it!!!

So, I just wanted to let people know that we face everyday challenges and Master figures out how to overcome them.  He doesn't just say we're done.  Master has given me too many chances I think but I also know that if he didn't, I would be lost without him.  Master is my world and I mean that literally.  So, for my sister who will one day show up, I can tell you that Master's love is unique and not based on sex or kink.  A solid foundation is necessary for this to work.  Our friendship has to be solid just like your relationship with Master.  There can't be animosity or jealousy between us and we have to do what we have to in order to prove that we can love more than just ourselves.  I don't like myself and I need to be treated less than human sometimes but Master is working on that too and lucky for me, he enjoys humiliating me and punishing me hard from time to time when he knows I need it to bring me back to the present and stop punishing myself because that's his job and his pleasure:)

5/31/2017 9:08:33 AM
This is for any of you who actually might be real and are concerned about relocating to South Dakota thinking for some reason you would be going to some backwards hick isolated part of the country. 

We live in the Black Hills and believe it or not, there's a city here and it's called Rapid City.  We also have within an hour all around US national monuments and parks, national forests and state parks and we have Sturgis.  The summer is busy with tourists from all over the world and it's a great way to meet people.  

If all you care about is being stuck in your apartment on your computer or watching tv then you can do that anywhere.  Believe it or not, we do have a vehicle and there is public transporation.  The only thing we really don't have is a good chinese buffet and sushi but that is in our favor since we gained weight eating out all the time.  Oh, and guess what, we actually have electricity and indoor plumbing

Master has lived all over the country and has lived in other countries too and he's amazed how people will say, "it's so cold there" when they already live in a state that has severe winters.  Nothing but excuses.

Here we don't have problems with crime and our anxiety levels are way down.  We are focused on what's important.  If you want to live in a state you enjoy, then move there if you don't live there already and don't tell people you will relocate and then disqualify them because you pulled a rabbit of an excuse out of your butt not to relocate.

I left North Carolina and I didn't have complaints about living there.  I moved to another state with Master half way across the country and I didn't complain.  I have since traveled and lived in two other states and again, no complaints.  Since I have anxiety, Master makes sure that I'm not overwhelmed and honestly so far, this has been a great adventure with many more to come.  Now we're taking the time to relax, explore, stay in one place and then figure out where Master wants to go next.  

If you really are serious about being in a relationship then it must be your only priority. Master always says, "you don't get what you think you want, until I get what I need".  Words to live by "ladies".

So, if you think your life is so much better where you live, then make an offer Master can't refuse.

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