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READ ALL OF THIS PROFILE BEFORE MESSAGING!!!! Couple seeking fulltime live-in slave. FEMALE SL
Dom/Slave Couple, 54/40,  South Dakota






Last Online:


 Dom/Slave Couple

 South Dakota



Primary Partner:









 6' 1"

 200 lbs



Secondary Partner:









 5' 3"

 100 lbs


 African Descent

Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female


READ ALL OF THIS PROFILE BEFORE MESSAGING!!!! Couple seeking fulltime live-in slave. FEMALE SLAVE! Domestic, sexual, painslut slave, toilet, pretty much a no-limit slave who willingly gives complete and total control of her to Master 24/7/365 in a permanent live in ownership as his property. Degradation, humiliation, public display, spankings, slapping, spitting, verbal abuse, confinement, speech control, are all highly expectable.Show some interest, manners by NOT using one word messages/responses! No tolerance for such nonsense. Master's wife is black and is my slave. She is pregnant. We feel adding another slave is right for us, and a natural progression in our lives. We are an uncommon couple seeking an exceptionally uncommon slave. We have young kids in the house, as well as expecting a newborn. Our lifestyle is kept from the kids and family members. However, we are not embarrassed or ashamed to answer/reveal the nature of our relationship if need be. It is a lifestyle we live out. Not a game, nor a bedroom enhancement. We live it out 24/7/365. Obviously with kids in the house it is a challenge, but one we embrace. To the kids the new slave in the house would be revealed as a live-in nanny. I travel the country due to my work, so at times, Mistress T and slave will alternate staying with me while on the road. We acknowledge that our life is unique, and we hope to be able to find a slave that embraces that uniqueness. The slave/wife has access to this profile, and has been encouraged to add her input, and assist in the search for an exceptionally obedient slave to add to our family. She will be Mistress T to our new slave.


Update-By Mistress T

We are looking for serious slaves only. If you are not looking for all that we are offering please don't waste our time. So far on this site all we have found are slaves who want to play games, lie or some type of scam. With that being said if you feel you may be a good fit for our home please contact us. Looking forward to hearing from our future slave.

Journal Entries:
6/25/2017 8:07:40 AM
Our beautiful son was born on May 24, 2017. He is now 5 weeks old, and has grown to be 21" long and weighs 8lbs 1oz. We are extremely proud, and thankful for the blessing of our newborn. Obviously this makes living out our Master/slave relationship difficult, but we are determined to press on. To us it is not a fantasy, but a lifestyle that enriches our relationship beyond conventional thinking. We are also still desiring to add another slave to our household. My slave/wife has desires to explore her dominate side towards other women. She, along with my desires, wishes to pursue a polyhousehold, her being the Mistress to any additional slave(s) added. She will continue her role as my slave as well. What an exciting time we are in our lives right now, and wish to share with others. MasterJ

4/6/2017 5:13:27 AM
Today my Master has finally collared me. It took me a little over two years to earn this privilege. My Master has been very patient with his slave. The importance of this signifies my complete submission and I am now officially owned property of Master J. These are only beginning steps of our lifelong relationship.

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