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****No longer seeking a submissive***** ****I have absolutely no interest in receiving nude p
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****No longer seeking a submissive***** ****I have absolutely no interest in receiving nude photos****** ****I DO NOT PROVIDE services for money. Please do not ask***** Actively seeking a submissive male partner, I am only looking for real time. I am not interested in online relationships. Most men are not looking for what I seek. I am looking for the vanilla relationship as well as the D/s-FLR. I want something long term and monogamous, but not really marriage-minded. I'm looking for a partner, not a doormat :)  As I am looking for a partner, I would like to meet someone age appropriate; so ideally the age range would be from 37 to 58 or so.  I am happy to chat with others outside of that age, but I am looking for someone that I would have things in common with....


I want my submissive to have his own interests, life, and friends. 24/7 TPE is not realistic for me with all of life's other demands. Please do not contact me if you are married, or attached in any way. I am looking for a submissive to claim as my own...I am not in a rush at all, and prefer to get to know someone on a vanilla level first..if you are in a hurry for D/s conversation/talk, I am not the One for you :) I am looking for a submissive partner, NOT a slave. To me, there is a difference.


While I do not mind cross-dressing at all in my submissive, if that is something that is of primary importance to you, or if that is something you want to take into the public, I'm probably not the One for you. I'm not interested in cuckolding at all; please do not contact me if you are interested in a cuckold relationship, it does not appeal to me at all. Please do not contact me if you are interested in adult nursing, adult baby play, or any kind of mommie activity. I do not judge anyone else's need or kink, but it simply is not for me, and does not interest me at all, in any way. I never thought I would have to include this in my profile but I do not do blackmail and I'm not interested in a slave contract.

I am divorced, but not bitter at all, and my ex and I are great friends. I am professionally employed, and make a decent living; I am not a financial Domme, and have no interest in your finances; your money is your own business. I will never ask my submissive for money, that's not the type of relationship I seek at all. I am very close to my family and friends and am hoping to meet someone that I could blend into my life easily.


I have been on a health journey for about 4 years now and have lost a good deal of weight but have more to lose, I seek a submissive that would be supportive in those endeavors. I run, walk, spin, and do yoga sometimes. Some men consider me a BBW, others do not, it's a matter of perspective I guess :) I have pictures that I am happy to share with a potential submissive after we have gotten to know each other a bit.


I love to cook, read, and have many other interests. I love the beach and the mountains equally. I enjoy witty banter and am told I have a good sense of humor :)


I have been in the lifestyle about 15 years, so I am an experienced Dominant. I love being in a D/s relationship. I have been searching for several years now, but I'm not giving up :) I know my submissive is out there somewhere.... R

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