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Please read my Journal writing entitled 'A True Daddy' to get a sense of who I am as a Daddy,
Male Dominant, 56,  Greensboro, North Carolina












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 Dominant Male


 North Carolina

 6' 4"

 250 lbs






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Please read my Journal writing entitled "A True Daddy" to get a sense of who I am as a Daddy, a Dom and a Person.

I am an experienced Daddy Dom age 56 in Greensboro. I am married but have remarkable availability. I am always on the lookout for fun and new adventures. So if you have a special fantasy you want to fulfill including maybe your first visit to Annabelle's Adult Theater then read on and message me if interested.


I love meeting new people and am not opposed to finding a long term playmate who hopefully lives close by and can host which would allow us time together multiple times each week. 


I have always been both a very sexual and passionate person. Around 2003 I was officially exposed to the D/s, BDSM lifestyle in the role as a sub and after a few years began to recognize, enjoy and accept my own Dominant tendencies. For several years following I more or less dabbled in the lifestyle but beginning in 2008 I started taking things more seriously and began to read and study on what already seemed to come naturally to me.


While I have been a Master to several subs since 2008 I have become increasingly drawn to the Daddy dynamic. I identify with it as being my natural dominance. I'm am an educated and articulate white male, 6'4" blonde/blue 250 lbs clean cut DDF and vasectomy safe.


I am not a "cookie cutter" dominant, meaning that I can adjust my dominant style to meet the needs and desires of the sub. Through submission, pain and pleasure I want to see the subs I meet not only be able to release pain and stress but also build confidence and self reliance to be able to tackle the most challenging of situations in their daily lives.


I have been fortunate to escort a variety of girls ranging in ages from 20-72 to Annabelle's Adult Theater in Winston. If you've have always been curious let me be your guide. It can be an overwhelming atmosphere but if we fully discuss the parameters of what to expect then it can be a ton of fun.





Journal Entries:
1/18/2017 11:07:35 AM

A Daddy is not someone who merely revels in the benefits that he reaps from the power and control that he wields over his sub. A Daddy is not just a dictator who gives orders and watches with amusement as his sub performs his bidding. A Daddy is not a person who only relishes the benefits that his status entitles him.

Certainly all of these characteristics could and often do exist within a Daddy. He may be demanding and at times even selfish. He may genuinely enjoy and even be physically, mentally and emotionally aroused by the power that he has over his sub. He may be able to expertly control his emotions, issuing his commands and enforcing his discipline with stone-faced determination.


A True Daddy is completely invested in the well being and happiness of his sub.
A True Daddy is interested and supportive of her life outside of his.
A True Daddy defends and respects his sub without fear of consequence.
A True Daddy punishes his sub only when necessary.
A True Daddy owns and controls his sub, but does not smother her independence and passions.
A True Daddy is completely committed in the control, use, care, protection and love of his sub.
A True Daddy loves his sub more than he loves the control he has over her.
A True Daddy is a submissive himself in the giving of all of his love to his sub.

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