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About Me:first, i was a cuckhold to my sister for almost 4 years. My Name for the most part is
Male Submissive, 24,  Delhi, India












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 Submissive Male



 5' 6"

 121 lbs






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About Me:
first, i was a cuckhold to my sister for almost 4 years. My Name for the most part is very hilarious as i didnt get username i asked for. Well there is nothing in the name, but person. there is just something about showing and seing submissive side of urself and people, that is very exciting. I especially love playing with the internal dynamics of a person and turning things topsy turvy.
As for my own kinks they run the entire gamut from the mundane to the extremely weird. humiliation and mental submission are some of the things I am very keen on exploring in others. while I do not fully believe in physical pain as a method of control I do appreciate its use as part of the process.

Now as to what I am looking for:
any person who loves kinks who want to move beyond the traditional dynamics of love and all into the realm of kink and more.
While I do not care about the size, weight or ethnic background of the people I train, I do insist on their dedication towards expanding their boundaries to see the possibilities beyond.

What I do not need
People who don't even bother to do their research. Next time read my profile and my writings before contact me. Please do not waste my time by sending me a friend request unless we have either talked before or you have sent me a message making such a request before hand.

kik using the usernaem - ashish.baboo
Again please do more than send a hi or hello msg. Kindly let me know who you are and what you wanted to contact me about and do make it interesting enough for me to respond.

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