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If you dont have a profile or have one line i will not respond i am tired of wasting my
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If you dont have a profile or have one line i will not respond i am tired of wasting my time asking questions that a basic profile would answer.if you cant take a few minutes to make a profile i have zero reason to think you will take time on tasks. Maybe what I seek will be impossible to find I want a simpler home life a porch swing a pool a garden a nice kitchen I can indulge my passion for cooking in..something with a basement or attic or seperate garage where my slave will be at home when not in service and by service I mean protocols rules punishments for infractions. Think old fashioned slave quarters Im a safe Sane human I watch bad westerns and sappy movies and action films I have VANILLA hobbies I have indoor pets w 4 legs I'm looking to add one w 2 .that said I like being's just that my spoiled is different from others ideas. Buy me a wonderful set of pans or a super blender..I'm oddly domestic for. Domme but that's who I am .I don't want misconceptions I'm not looking for love not sure I ever will be, not sure that the dynamic I seek allows for that. I want someone to crop..someone to use as a footstool someone to tie up and flog..not sure that's conducive to a loving relationship at least not for me I don't want someone from outside usa and won't pay to relocate you won't keep you at home so you can be a Lazy bum if you can't afford to stay home then you won't I don't want to abuse you pimp you out or other unrealistic things do not waste my time or insult either of us by telling me what nasty things I can do to you I have zero get that zero interest in body fluids in any other illegal activities If you are under 30 we aren't a good match If you are really bi or gay and pretending you're straight but will obey your mistress and suck some guys member even though you dont reallly have a desire to we aren't a good match. If you like guys thats fine just not what i want to watch. If you want to top from the bottom dictate what I can and can't do..skip me And ewwwww apparently I need of add if you enjoy illegal things such as well..seriously gross crap do not I repeat not emaIl me save us both some time I will think you are. Sick creep and will have zero interest and no amount of double talk will change that Can't believe I need to add this. But I will report your profile if you make some sick gross illegal suggestions about what you can do with my 4 legged Dont contact asking me to sissyfy you or torture you i wont if you dont live here (this country) or cant relocate on your own quickly dont contact me.

Journal Entries:
1/2/2018 12:48:05 PM
So the same idiot created a second profile and sent almost identical message wth?..

12/30/2017 2:29:43 PM some guy and i use this term lightly since after sending a one line offensive message calling me 2 rather foul names blocked me from responding.i have never exchanged any messages w him and yet he felt the need to call me an fing idiot and a *unt then run like the little coward he apparently is.what is someone who does this trying to accomplish?

8/31/2017 4:08:34 PM
Ive been here.a Few months log on see the same 10 or 12 slavea who say they are looking yet have been here for years according to their zign up dates ive been approached and chatted briefly w a few but always fizzles out w you push them for actuaL im growing frustrated

8/14/2017 5:28:53 PM
Thought of the day If you are a male creating a profile stating you are straight but one of the things you are seeking is "forced" bi..its not forced so just buck up and say hey im bi right on your profile its 2017 and theres alot if people who not only understand but enjoy that dynamic just stop lying to yourself and everyone else.

8/12/2017 5:03:37 AM
Open my email today to find a response from someone i had said i wasnt intetested in. Only to find a nasty highly unsubmissive response that included foul language. This happens often i have spoken to a few friends who are dominant and it seems to be standard. I find it amazing first you get the whole i am a slave i long to serve you blah blah...usually they are way to willing to do anything when i send a message saying im not intetested i get a complete about face..leading one to believe that slavemindset didnt go too far .at least i respond i try to be polite. In this last case i got an email saying see you just i. Didnt profile was created over a year i said that and that i wasnt nasty email. Back. And then blocked. What is wrong w people?

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