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I've been trying to find a Submissive and or Slave for a few years now. I have had several gir
Male Dominant, 71,  Tulsa/Sapulpa/San, Oklahoma











Last Online:


 Dominant Male



 5' 11"

 240 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female


I've been trying to find a Submissive and or Slave for a few years now. I have had several girl friends say they would play the part but grew tired very quickly and didn't like it after all. I listed Tulsa as my home because so many don't know where Sapulpa or Sand Spring are. I filled out just about every thing I could to give you a good idea about me. I do have a better pic in my White thong if you want to exchange pic's? My direct contact info is; theSkipper 777 atGM ail so we can talk faster.


I'm a little easy going and very easy to get along with. I'm not a hard nose bad boy type. I've always played the Master and or Dominate since I was a little kid. I seem to get along best with the gal that's the second born on last in her family. That type gal always seems to be a natural follower, Submissive and or Slave. We can talk via mail to see if we get along, if so we should meet to make eye contact. I'm looking for good chemistry. Life is to short to live it the hard way.


We can talk about any thing that needs to be off limits. In short, tell me your likes and dis-likes and so will I.  I'm confident but not the show off or arrogant type. Looking for real love, a real relationship. Living a vanilla daily life in public. Enjoys spoiling and being spoiled. A real honest good man. To say this another way. Slave is to be my Best Friend,  Soulmate,  Lover, Playmate, Sex toy, Slut, Whore in the home, clean, cook, shower with me, do most things with me, my everything.  Where I go, you go. You will wear my collar and anything I want you to wear, anytime, anyplace. You will  do as told or be spanked. In fact you may be spanked any time as that gets me excited. If this sounds good, contact me. Later, Master Skip

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