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Just thought this might be a good sight to find a sweet sub
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Just thought this might be a good sight to find a sweet sub for a ltr

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9/26/2016 3:30:43 PM
  You arrive at the hotel as instructed and start down the hallway to the room number you were given.Hanging on the door knob is a small bag.You reach in the bag and pull out a blindfold and proceed to put it on.Once on,you knock three times on the door and turn around.A slight breeze blows your skirt as the door swings open.I grab the back of your hair,pull you inside and close the door.With your sense of sight taken away,your sense of hearing increases.This becomes more apparent as I turn the lock on the door.
  You feel my hands slide up your skirt,grab your panties and quickly yank them down to your ankles.Within seconds you hear the sound of your dress ripping and the snap of your bra as it hits the floor.Standing there naked,the room feels a little colder,your nipples are hard and you feel goosebumps on your arms.You are told to get down on your hands and knees.You feel the silk cloth as it slides across your lips and I tie a gag across your mouth.
  I untie the blindfold and remove it.As your eyes start to adjust you can see there is a camera pointed directly at your face.I tell you that you are going to be my little cum slut for the rest of the night.Not only are you going to be filmed from behind,but from the front as well.This way I can see the look on your face as you're be fucked over and over.You are told to keep your eyes open at all times.If your head drops down for any reason you will be yanked back up by your hair and made to face the camera.I ask if you understand and you nod your head in agreement.
  You watch as I take the lid off the ice bucket and stick my hand inside.It stings just a little bit more with a cold wet hand.I pull my hand out and you can feel cold droplets hitting your shoulders as my hand passes by.You shiver for a brief moment and then feel the sting as my hands smacks your ass.Out of pure reflex you whimper and drop your head.Before you can even realize it you feel my hand grab your hair and yank your head back up.You are reminded to keep your eyes open.You wince with each smack,your pale ass starts to glow red.I walk back over to the ice bucket and put both hands in this time.As the seconds tick by you feel your ass stinging from the spanking you just got.I pull both hands out of the ice water and hold them on your ass.You feel a sense of relaxation and relief as the cold soothes your swollen ass.Then it starts again,a quick sting and several more smacks.I pull you to your feet and drag you to a mirror so you can see your bright red ass.
  I lead you back towards the bed but decide the floor might be better for what I have planned next.I throw a pillow onto the floor and you are told to get on your knees.I grab your panties and use them to bind your hands behind your back.I put the camera on the floor next to the pillow.and your told to put your head on the pillow facing the camera,with your ass in the air.You feel the rope as I tie your legs so you can not close them.You hear me get up and walk towards the mini fridge.You hear the small door open and close and know something was taken out of there.You hear the snap of a plastic cap
  You feel a cold sensation as baby oil drips down the crack of your ass and down your inner thigh.You feel my hands rubbing oil over every inch of you.You can feel your nipples get hard as my hands glide over your tits.Your ass begins to shine as I work my way down your legs and between your toes.Your eyes start to open wide as you feel my finger slide into your tight asshole.I can hear you moan as I slide it in out.After a few minutes you can feel a second a finger slide in.After a few more minutes I lean down and whisper in your ear "now your ready".
  I untie your hands and bend you over the bed.You are told to grab your ass cheeks and spread them as wide as you can.Knowing what's coming you do as you're told.I grab your hair and hold your head up as the head of my cock pops into your tight asshole.I can feel your legs start to shake as I slowly slide my cock all the way in.I can hear you moaning as I start to pickup speed.You are told the more you moan the faster and harder I will go.You don't want it hard but you can't stop moaning.As your moans get louder I start to pound your ass furiously,making sure to pull all the way out with each stroke.You feel every inch.After several minutes your asshole starts to stay open longer each time I pull out.I can feel I'm about to cum so I grab your shoulders and pulling you back and holding my cock deep inside you.You can feel my cock start to pulsate inside your ass.You feel a warm sensation as my cum is being pumped into ass.I hold it deep until I'm drained.As I pull out,I pull you to your feet.Standing up you start to feel cum slowly dripping out of your asshole and down your leg.
  You are told sit on the bed.I take the gag off your mouth and you are told to lick my cock clean.You are told not to stop until my cock gets hard again.As you suck my cock I start to tell you how the rest of the night will go.You will suck my cock all night after every load until it gets hard again.Each time it gets hard I will fuck you over and over.........

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