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 Dominant Female

 Princeton Area 

 New Jersey

 5' 6"

 130 lbs



 African Descent



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Journal Entries:
5/5/2017 3:24:43 PM
slavesubtle Dated: 5/9/17 10:35 AM Dear Goddess Ebony, This lowly white slave knows it is too old to serve You, but it wanted to send You a poem celebrating the Black Supremacy that You espouse and this hopefully will bring a smile to Your day Black Supremacy is real and this white slave knows it must kneel And Worship You with zeal as it's True Ebony Ideal Your Power holds much appeal and this slave would kiss Your spiked heel And beg Goddess to reveal The Daring Dominance She Feels And if it pleases You, You definitely have this lowly white slave's permission to print it, but either way, this lowly white slave hopes that it's creativity brings a smile to Your Glorious day - Thank You for the new picture of Your Beauty and Power -submissively Yours ... slave subtle

5/3/2017 6:00:15 AM
I, THE GODDESS, most recent photo taken on 5/6/2017 of ME, in red, with a growing booty (yikes), following a nice dinner I had with a good potential little boy, Saturday 5/6/2017. He not only honored/worshipped ME in word, but followed-up with his deed and actions. He provided ME with an offering of a much needed new vacuum cleaner, which he will be so grateful to use, as he works to become MY potential good little slaveboy. Much training is needed, as is the case with all potentials, but he is on a good start. If only other little boys would stop wasting MY time, playing online, trying to get free thrills and wankers, it would make THE GODDESS' visit on this Earth such a better place to be, while, searching for good little boys to fill MY Royal Court and make MY visit here pleasant and labor-free. (Sigh). Thank you and smooches to you little boy, as you know who you are.


P.S.  The messages that I posted from other users on "Black" (Brown) Supremacy were posted with their consent.  I would never post a message, with someone's screen name, without their agreement or if they are unowned by ME, even if they identify as a submissive/slave.  

5/2/2017 7:34:52 PM
crushme2000 on 5/4/17 at 8:52 PM: Hi Goddess Ebony- You had a really interesting post on 4/23. It was about the original Indian people being Dravidians. I'm of Dravidian descent, believe it or not. What is really interesting is that the Dravidians were a Matriarchal society. There is much more. What is even more interesting is that it's these Dravidian Matriarchal society that has the highest literacy rate in the world..higher than in the US. Just more areas where you're hitting the nail on the head. Thought you might be interested.

4/27/2017 3:37:24 PM
blueyez10 on 4/29/17 at 8:08 PM: Goddess Ebony, I absolutely love the writing in your journal regarding a superior race... I literally just finished writing a response to another Black Goddess, who I talk to frequently, who asked me the question Why do you feel that you are so much more attracted to Black dommes than any others? My answer was very much along the lines of the superiority subject that you covered and the deep strength of character that all black women seem to possess... I feel that when a black woman takes on the role of domme, all that inner strength and superiority comes to the surface, solely for the exhibition the domme role requires.. *************************************************************************************************

4/25/2017 1:56:43 PM
slavericky101 on 4/29/17 at 7:30 PM: i agree 100% Goddess Ebony the Black (Brown) race is superior. i believe all white males should serve a Black Woman. It is a great honor to kneel at the foot of a Black Woman. Thank You for explaining in more detail these facts.

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