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Age: 32, Height: 5ft 6in (168 cm), Weight: 106 lbs.
Location: fernvale, Singapore
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Age: 36
Location: Maidstone, Kent , United Kingdom
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Age: 42
Location: Australia
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Age: 22, Height: 5ft 8in (173 cm), Weight: 120 lbs.
Location: Tennessee
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Seeking a busty slave slut - slim to medium build - interested in BDSM use. Been in the lifestyle for 20 years and have trained 9 vanilla ladies to full slave sluts. I currently find myself without a slave and am looking for a full, no limits, pain slave.

I've got a huge interest in finding and developing a hucow. Many of the ladies that I have spoken with on collarspace have the same interest, but live quite a distance away. My loss of course.

Research shows there are a number of ways for a woman to begin lactating. Having a baby is number one. Other methods include drugs and stimulating the milk glands. I prefer the method where no drugs are used, but the breasts are continuously stimulated. From what I've read, a woman can begin to lactate if she is stimulated at least 8 times a day for 20 minutes at a time. This of course is time consuming for the Master.

Since a hucow is for a Master's pleasure, and maintaining a hucow is time consuming, I'm toying with the idea of making a milking station. The milking station would be automatic and used by the hucow 8 or more times a day for at least 20 minutes until the hucow's udders begin to produce milk.

Mirrors would be placed so that the hucow could see its entire body while restrained in the milking station. I first thought some sort of chair with some type of restraints and milkers would do. Now I realize that as the udders increase in size and milk volume, the hucow would be better milked if she where in a doggy position. The milk station would be designed so that the husow mounts the device nude, in a sited position.

Attachments could be randomly selected such as dildos or other device the hucow would have to mount. Once fully SEATED, the device would be activated and the hucow firmly secured. Inflatable cuffs, such as the ones used to take blood pressure might do the trick - the hucow's wrists, arms, legs and waist firmly secured - In any case, once activated, the milking station would firmly secure the hucow from moving. The hucow's legs would then be spread wide and a vibrator in most sessions would be pressed against the hucow's clit.

The hucow would then have to press her udders into milkers, whereas the air would then be sucked out to ensure a firm fit. Then begins a milking session (or stimulating session). Of course, the hucow would never know what awaits her during her milking sessions. She would of course know that she will be forced to cum over and over while her breasts are being stimulated (before the hucow is producing milk) or before she is milked dry.

Once the hucow is producing milk, the milking station may be programmed to randomly not milk her - leaving her engorged udders to continue swell and of course to allow her udders to leak. A random form of punishment for Master's amusement. The hucow would always be restrained and forced to submit to what every the milking station randomly selected. Maybe mild random shocks to her udders or shocks to her cunt or ass (if the session began by the hucow lowering herself onto large steel dildos). Or maybe the hucow would be forced to sit restrained while it's cunt is relentlessly fucked by a large dildo - all the while a vibrator buzzing against its clit.

But I ramble on.

As I said, once the hucow is producing milk, the milking station would automatically change it's position, so that the restrained hucow, would be forced into a doggy position to ensure it's udders are completely milked dry. Master of course, would take advantage from time to time and fuck his hucow, knowing all the while his hucow is being milked.

In all cases, each session would be recorded. Master would compile the best of the best of the hucow being milked and forced to cum. Master would then force it's hucow to watch videos of herself being milked and reaching orgasm while Master screws his hucow.

I host in my safe, private building that has a completely ready playroom to explore many bondage/submission aspects and your most secret desires/needs. The playroom is setup with a few cages, lots of tie downs, chains, horse, X cross, special seat, milking machines, and many many toys/training devices such as dog collar, tails, dildos, spreaders, pet play, medical tools... (I wont go on but if I think I may need it for a session I probably already have it! No-one will hear you there and you are able to fully enjoy the session and let go of all control... safely. I do not break my toys! .

Dominant sadist looking for a submissive 24/7 bondage sex slave. I love to hurt women just for fun. Looking for an extreme woman who likes rope and loves to be tied up. I have lots of toys to use on you. I like choking, hanging, impact play, drowning, mummification and breast torture. All I am looking for is a woman who knows what she wants, be it pain, humiliation, bondage, clamping,or restriction, or just plain use and abuse, limits are allowed. Look forward to hearing from slaves, sluts, whores or even ladies, age not important, size or looks not important, just a person who wants to be used, abused on a regular basis. Are you ready for the extreme? There is a lot more to life, and I am looking for someone to develop with. That could be a partner, a sub, a slave, a pup or preferably some combination of these. You'll need to be able to support yourself, no more free-loaders. I am a single, college educated professional. Don't drink, smoke or do drugs ever. I would say I am a sensual, gentleman sadist. Play isn't everything. Kink is a part of my life, but I am also interested in travel, reading, politics, movies, cooking and eating out. It would be great to do all these with someone else, and share in your interests too.

Journal Entries:
12/7/2016 3:12:28 PM
To all slave and master if any one interested to get 20% cash back from home shopping let me know. I could save you money between £120 to £200 per month.

9/3/2016 10:45:16 AM
To all slave on here. I have spoken to many of you. I feel many of you are time waster. I will start write your user name those who waste my time. Pls watch this space your user name be on here if your not serious. Many of you have accept my offer and still looking for master on here.

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