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Hello Sirs and boys,   I'm 28 y/o, average build (and smooth all over), and naturally s
Male Slave, 28,  Delaware











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Hello Sirs and boys,


I'm 28 y/o, average build (and smooth all over), and naturally submissive. What I'm hoping to find here is a naturally dominant master (between the age of 22 and 40) who is interested in take on a live-in slave. I haven't been in a long-term m/s dynamic before but I know deep down this is what I have always wanted to at least try. This urge to serve as a slave to a strong (physically and more importantly, mentally) and dominant man emerged at a very young age in me. I have tried many m/s sessions and had vanilla relationships but it is becoming increasingly clear to me that this is probably what I really want. I don't imagine the situation to involve me completely living at home without a job or any social life, but just more constant dynamics/relationship. 

I understand that this is going to be some commitment for both the slave and the master, and that the status of a slave has to be earned and not taken for granted. I'm fine with meet-ups and trials before a longer-term contract (e.g., a year or six months) can be struck.

Although I think a slave's likes and dislikes are irrelevant to the master, it is important to be upfront about them so that further discussions can happen. I'm more service oriented (chores, housework) and into the mental dynamics of m/s (including rituals and activities that reinforce the reality of the slave as the master's property) than I am into physical pain. ification, caging, and other dehumanizing activities fall into this category. That being said, inflicting pain is an important part to and I'm willing to accommodate within reasonable limits.

I also have face and body pics for review upon request.

Thank you for viewing my profile.

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