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I'm a humble , funny , edgy, quirky , kind of guy. I love humiliation in all it's s . Love bei
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< style="font-size: large; font-family: 'arial black', 'avant garde';">I'm a humble , funny , edgy, quirky , kind of guy. I love humiliation in all it's s . Love being mindfucked .. Lately I've been into the cuckold /sissy/  S.P.H. scene. Some of my strengths as far as servitude ; i keep my mouth shut , per domestic service well , cook decently , and will take just about any abuse privately / publicly from my Superiors . I'm even open to some extreme scenes / lifestyles changes..Eventually leading to 24/7 ownership T.P.E. situation looking forward to interfacing with you'all  kind regards slave Dave

Journal Entries:
2/8/2018 6:05:03 AM
i had worked for  a few weeks at my fathers restaurant which was a couple hours away from my moms place.. i needed a ride home and my father had arranged a friend of his to give me a ride home.. on the long ride home we hit it off .. he was such a strapping father figure and had a very worldly cosmopolitan sensibility .. By the time we got to me place he kinda had me wrapped around his finger .. i was such a good boy in need of a daddy .. one or more would do ... he helped carry in my things and followed me into my bedroom .. my mother was away for the evening so we were all alone.. i thanked him and expected him to leave but he just stood in my bedroom smiling at me .. i felt awkward and yet excited i knew where this was going .. i was sitting on my bed looking very very hot buff and young and i could see a bulge growing in my pants .. it starting growing bigger , and bigger .. he moved closer and took my hand and placed in on his bulge .. i was electric and started rubbing and was amazed as it got even bigger ..i unzipped his pants and and got the courage to hoist out his impressive cock-meat.. i was sooo scared at the prospect of sucking his cock that i just took the plunge and ineptly just suck like you would a lollipop , or and ice cream cone .. he was firm in his guiding me into doing everything he liked the way that he liked it .. from suckling the head of his cock and jerking it to taking his balls into my mouth and even worshiping his ass .. i was pinned against me headboard with my head buried in his glorious ass while jerking him off when i came with no hands for the first time in my life  . he quickly turned around as he felt me coming and furiously unloaded first in my mouth then on my face and neck .. his load dwarfed the stain that started forming in my underwear.. i cleaned off his cock . he told me to wait and not to move at all .. cam back in the room with a Polaroid and proceeded to take photos of me covered in his cum in my little underwear .. he then tied my arms to my headboard and took my boi-pussy that first time i'd ever been penetrated by a man in my life ... he was very compassionate and didn't rough fuck me as i was unbelievably tight .. as he was about to cum he pulled out and exploded all over my chest and stomach ..he untied me and brushed my hair and kissed me on the lips and forehead as i feel asleep . i woke up  later with him gone and thought it was a dream until i noticed some of the Polaroids were on my bed i looked at them and jerked off to them and came again and again daydreaming about being such a slut with my dad's friend and older mature daddy cocks-man

1/27/2018 11:44:26 PM
Was just watching a few videos of and Asian hottie wife getting fucking , and worshiping , i guess her husband .. What intrigued me was the way she looked into the camera as she was sucking cock and getting fucked .. When i was  a young guy i was always infatuated with Asian girls .. Maybe being cursed with an under-endowment made me think that they would be easier to please .. Having had smaller Asian guys and being used to it .. This Jin (wife) definitely wasn't settling her man was well-endowed and knew how to use it .. As i watched her suck and get fucked in many positions my little clitty throbbed in it's chastity.. I'm not supposed to let it get hard these days .. Bad bad clitty.. I got a little emotional as the last vestige of the man in me pined for being the man capable of pleasing a woman like that .. Then reality set in and i just focused and the cock she was sucking and fantasized about just waiting my turn to serve a "real man".

1/10/2018 7:56:39 PM

1/9/2018 6:02:19 PM
met with a coffee clatch of D's ladies .. Most of them were switches .. One lady i really hit it off with stayed behind and hung out with me after the shindig .. She proceeded to tell me about her most recent adventures whilst digging forcefully her heels into my chastised crotch under the table .. She had been used and abused by a horde of dominant men last night and had proof .. She showed me something like a dozen or so tied off condoms in her purse .. With an evil grin she took my coffee into the women's bathroom with her and returned and placed my coffee in front of me and demanded me to "drink it all now!" I obediently did so and came to the realization that i had drank a coffee and semen cocktail .. As i was drinking it she kept on whispering in my ear .. "good girl ," and "good slut ." which really turned me on , and caused me extreme pain as my chastity device is the smallest one available. and very , very torturous if your pee pee tries to get hard in the slightest .. She gave me a kiss and said that we'll do coffee again soon... 

9/3/2016 9:09:15 PM
note to self - gotta remember to to butt plug everyday...

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